Posted by: Mayu | November 23, 2009

Shake it, shake it, baby & She loves you, yeah yeah yeah

Miki’s evening was seperated in two parts again ;). First I let people come to visit my town:

And Zoe came, yaaaaay! Phihihi, you look almost naked in this shirt xD 😆

Shania♥ was also there, man, look we both bored on this pic 😛

And finally CocaCola got through, woot! I gave Zoe my bunny outfit, that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable with the many people here lol.

Haha, Shania♥ and Zoe were fighting like who of them loves Twilight more than the other, I just joined them without reason xP :mrgreen:

Then CocaCola, Zoe and me shook this tree like hell, while Shania was watching us xD. But unfortunately we didn’t get all leaves down there 😛

After that I po’ed as I was looking for another friend, but he wasn’t there so I reopened my gates. Well, 10 minutes I was waiting for someone to come, but as nothing occured, I went out to Julie’s town Wildwood instead 😉

Awww, what a cute turkey!! x3

Julie wished me a Happy early Turkey Day! 😀 Thank you!! 😆

Then I finally saw the Beatles rose garden with my own eyes, isn’t that adorable?? 😮 John, Ringo, Paul and George – all are there, Julie’s fave is George 😉

Arrrgh, my camera has gone weird again. Look at these awful colours! 😦

But after switching my camera several time on and off, it somehow went back to normal, phew.

Claire came also for a visit, hiiii!! 😀 😀 You look beautiful with your new glasses!

We chit-chatted a lot and had a little fashion-show next to Ables 😉



  1. I tried to get back into your town, and then Julie’s, but I just got error codes for both. Weird.


    From Zoe x x x

    • Aww what a pity!! 😦
      I hope your Wifi isn’t weird again… :/

  2. I’m sorry zoe! But I’m with tilly…….
    I HATE WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!
    It deleted my blog that I loved!!
    I’ll just redo it… 😦
    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  3. It’s deleted??? 😯 😯
    Why that?? 👿
    It’s mean that they just delete it, and without any reasons in my opinion… ❓
    I’m sorry for you Claire!! 😥 😥

    • Ohhhhhhhhhh, when I’ve read the Terms of Service of wordpress, I got aware that only people above 13 years old are allowed to have a blog, eek! I hope you and Tilly are over 13 years old…? 😮

      • but im 15!! 😦

        • Yes, that’s really weird!!! 😦 😦 And I saw Rozza’s blog has been also deleted!! 😥

          • aww, poor rozza as well 😦
            I havent seen her in a while. Think maybe she purposely deleted it?
            Anyone else seen rozza lately? =/

            • I don’t know Rebecca 😦 I also haven’t seen her a while…

      • how does it tell that youre 13? coz in lots of stuff i lie about my age… 😀

        • Tilly wanna wifi?

  4. hi everyone

  5. JULIE I LOVE THE BEATLES TOO IF U GET THIS AND I also like george the best hehe his so cool.

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  8. I designed a few gnarly planes at the amazing world ROBLOX

  9. Hii Miki!!! It’s Julie (: I finally got my computer all hooked up again! I’m soo happy 😀 Thank you for all of your nice comments and visiting my town that day! It was aso nice seeing you today! Happy “real” Turkey Day!!! *Gobble Gobble* xD

    • Btw, I LOVE the title for this post 😆 (:

      • I thought about that!! 😆

    • Hahahaha, I hope you enjoyed your meal, it must have been gorgeous!!
      Thanks for the fun we had, too! 😉

      • LOL, yep it was yummy, even though I just had vegetables xD 😆 See you again soon x3

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