Posted by: Mayu | November 23, 2009

Happy birthday, dear Jero!

Later on I was just curious whose gates might be open with Yuki and I’ve found a person, that I haven’t met yet of the adult ACWW group WWAG, it has been Jero of El Goyo 🙂 Ok, let’s have a quick visit!

Sorry for the weird pic, (camera has been odd again) but this is the entrance of El Goyo. Cool flag! 😀

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jero!! He’s dancing with the giant turban on this pic, lol. Next to him is Nicola from Peekaboo, yay, nice to meet you up again! 😀
Sorry Jero, I totally forgot that you had birthday yesterday, the next time I’ll give you my birthday present 😉

El Goyo is a beautiful town, he has lots of nicely arranged flowers everywhere! 😮

He even planted his town name next to his house. On the left side you could see the words “El” and on this pic it’s “Goyo”, but I must admit, I was too bad to recognize it xP

Uhhh, the Mouth of Truth!! Awesome mainroom!

Lol, the pharao mask looks very mad on this table! 😆

This is a lovely café-room, so cosy! 😀

And Miniland in the left room is also very nice! I liked it!

Just the Japanese room is a dungeon room for me, what a pity! I also want to see tatami floor and shouji screen 😦

Sorry that I had to go that quickly, Jero, but hope to see you soon again 😉
I enjoyed it and I hope you had a lovely birthday! 😀



  1. Yaaaaay!!! what an awesome bday gift! I finally made it to your blog! thank you!! whoa, and the pics actually came out nice! I even look good! LOL at my giant turban 😀

    • Haha you’re welcome, I really enjoyed my visit to you and sorry again that I totally missed to congratulate you during gameplay, stupid me 😆
      Hope to see you soon again 🙂

  2. mayu, sry i cant wifi today 😥
    i am so jampacked up with stuff to do bcause school is finishign soon…
    in germany do you start school in septemberish and finish in umm july?? lol in aus we start in jan and finish in dec…just inczase youre confused 😀

    • That’s ok Tilly, don’t worry 😉
      And yes, our school term begins in August/September and is over in June/July xD. I see, so you’re really busy these days, good luck to you!!

  3. hiya mayu long time no speak i cant wifi as i am getting a dsi sorry hey maybe me nan will let me keep my ds lite 🙂

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