Posted by: Mayu | November 21, 2009

Meeting up with Pepijn, Damian, Herti-pi, Crystal♥ and CocaCola

Today I’ve met a lot of friends again, yay, that was really fun!

First I opened my gates and Pepijn dropped in, hi! 😀

And this is Damian, who fetched some Cafeteria stuff I’ve ordered for him 😉 . Sorry about that it’s the only pic I have from him, he soon had to go after this.

And this is Herti-pi who showed me her latest selfdesigned pattern for Jaimee (another pic from the back, sheesh, stupid me lol), thanks for your great help Herti, I really appreciate it and your patterns are always soooo good! 😮

When Damian had to go, I met finally Crystal♥ hooray! xD. She’s my very kind German friend who also wants to learn a little English so I added her into Miki’s roster, too ^^.

Ahhh finally a good pic of Herti (and Pepijn who explored my town lol)

Here we went all to Pepijn’s town b0ring (his brother changed the town name – it was Amerlaan before), look, Pepijn has revamped his town! 😮
Hahaha the flag is supercool! xD

We feel very V.I.P. on this red carpet road! 8)

LOL, isn’t this dude awesome?!? xD 😆

Later on CocaCola came for a visit, too :D. Aww you look so nice again! ~♥

But also Herti-pi is a real cutieness 🙂

Yay, the room to Pepijn’s own room in his house is open! So that’s his room, it looks cool!!

And another nice close-up pic of Pepijn, where he’s smiling that charmingly ^^

It was a great evening! 😀



  1. 😯
    You’re still playing??
    YAYYYY!!! x3 😀
    😉 hope 2 see ya soon if ya are!

  2. It was so superb!
    Today, I gave the ”awesome dude” arms!
    and Lol, my bro changed the town name to Holland. I guess he is a change-aholic XD

    • Well Holland sounds better than b0ring! xD And cool, I would like to see the new one day 😉

  3. OH NOES! I got the lost kitten! it got here from Mu-sic! I have to find CocaCola!

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