Posted by: Mayu | November 20, 2009

Lost kitten and Claire’s present

Today CocaCola came for another visit, woot! 8) That reminds me, that I still have the lost kitten in my town, who wants to go back to her mother in ♪Mu-sic♪… So I asked CocaCola and of course she was so kind to open her gates instantly 😉

So come’on little Katie, I’ll bring you back to your mother!

Mission completed!!

Thanks a lot CocaCola, and look who also came for a visit! It’s Claire from Pixelpop, woohoo!!!

We explored CocaCola’s Cafeteria…

… and after that Claire gave me this awesome pattern from Miki as a present! 😮 😮 Thanks a lot!! I’m happy!! xD 😳

I had another funny conversation with Stitches again. He asked me to open a can which use-by date has been expired on the 20th of last year… *yuck*

Stitches:’Erm, Miki? Can you open it for me, purr?’
Miki:’Sure, no problem’ – Fizzzzzzzzzz!!

Stitches:’Ewwwww! How disgusting!! What’s that bad smell, Miki?!?’
LOL, I always laugh about the shocking face they do 😆 :mrgreen:

Aww look, CocaCola also put Claire’s pattern of me on the ground. x3

Thanks a lot for the kittens reunion and the fun we had tonight. Hope to see you soon, CocaCola and Claire! ~♥



  1. 😯
    Stitches name is Berry in German???
    LOL 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  2. hahah, Stiches asked me the same thing before! so lazy~ =DD

  3. Stiches had a crush on me once 😀

  4. Yeah xD
    he was in my town!!!
    then he left D:
    And he had a crush on me too! XD

  5. n’aww I miss claire :/

  6. Joey the Duck has a crush on me, and in Shannon, Tammie and Bones the dog were gonna get married xD

    • Hahaha that’s funny XD
      So your hubby is Bones now? Tee hee!

      • Haha! Maybe!!

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