Posted by: Mayu | November 19, 2009

Pepijn from Amerlaan

… is another nice and kind ACWW player I’ve met for the first time today ^^

Here I visited his town Amerlaan and Pepijn is the boy in tuxedo ;). Behind us is Rozza, nice to meet you up again ^^.

While we were playing Hide&Seek, Rozza had to go but we still continued playing and after around 6 min he found me behind this tree xP. Argh!

I asked if I should buy something from Nookway but as you can see, “Rozza just did” 😉 Okeydokey ^^

Ahhh Pepijn has got Goose in his town, I like him a lot, he said: “Your name is Miki? That sounds like a real Skateboard-Freak!” Huh? 😆

This main road brought me to Pepijn’s house 🙂 I should better go at the side, not to get hit by cars xP

Haha the attic room was very interesting, Pepijn’s brother modified it and instead of beds there are these items instead xD, funny!

The main room was also that of his brother and Pepijn wanted to show me his room (left of it), but… there were items in front of the room, so we couldn’t get through xP.

Well hope to see it next time 😉
And don’t hesitate to drop to my town whenever you see my gates open, I’m looking forward to you 😀



  1. übercool!
    untill now I’ve never seen your gates open 😦
    ich habe heute meines Bahn entfernt

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