Posted by: Mayu | November 19, 2009

Party time with Jaimee, Tilly and Rozza

Thursday mornings I always try to meet up my Australian friends like Tilly or Jaimee, so I was quite happy to see Tilly’s gates open. 😀 But… Copper didn’t let me through, I always had error codes like 86420 or 80430, awww! So when I saw that her Wifi crashed, I opened my gates instead 😉

And my first visitor was Jaimee, woot!

But after a short while Tilly was also able to come in but we had a lot of laggings during game play 😦

They enjoyed my new touch event and just when I saved…

I had this pic and beeping sound for more than 2 minutes, sigh, that means…

Wifi was lagging and finally crashed! Maaaan! 👿

Tilly gave up today’s gameplay and so next round I had visits from

Jaimee and Rozza (at the very right), welcome (back) 🙂

Rozza only had 15 minutes to play before she had to go to school, but thanks for your visit, it was fun! 😀

So Jaimee and me are only left and we lit my last fireworks 🙂

Well Jaimee was also burning me! 😆

Tee hee, looks like we were playing stone, paper, scissors on this pic but actually we both lit firework towards us 😛

Then I also found some party poppers and we tried to have a synchronized popping, that was difficult!! 😆 But Jaimee had a good idea, she ran up to the other side of the bridge, then turn around and once she’s on my same level we both push the A button and voilá,

a wonderful cute party popper pic!! YAY! ~♥

See ya next time!! 😉



  1. It must be fun!

    PS.( are you uploading your visit to my city too?)

  2. Hey Miki! I wanted to let you know on Twitter, my account: BeatleLover64, wasn’t working so I thought it was hacked and created a new one: BeatleLover727. And, it still won’t let me into either account 😦 I guess somethings up with the website…you can ignore my second account, sorry about that xP I thought it was just me, but I guess not. Just wanted to let you know 😉 Sorry about the confusion!

  3. Hey, I’m Tom and i’m hopefuly getting wifi today, so soon i’ll be able to explore! Maybe we could meet up sometime?

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Tom ^^. And sure, just give me your FC and we can try to meet up 🙂

      • sorry, i’m not getting wifi any time soon. 😦

        • Aww, what a pity 😦

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