Posted by: Mayu | November 18, 2009

My newest friend: Rozza from Luna Bay

I had full town again this evening and my visitors were: Rozza from Luna Bay, a new ACWW friend from Ireland with the petal umbrella, Shania♥ from Essex and CocaCola from ♪Mu-sic♪ ^^

Rozza is a very nice and polite girl, she started recently to play over Wifi and I showed her how to do the touch event on this pic 🙂

Gathering together at my spare hybrid area and all took 2 or 3 hybrids from there, woot! 😀

Haha, together with Rozza I visited my museum again. I just love these huge bugs xD. Rozza not, she screamed and rushed through the bugs area 😆

The fish area was way better for her. Cheese! *click* Another nice pic of us ^^

Later on when CocaCola had to go Damian dropped by, hiya!

Then we all went to Rozza’s town Luna Bay ^^

Aww, such a cool entrance! 😮 Tee hee, don’t look at Rozza, she was afk that time and sleeping xP

I went to her house, really cosy here! 🙂

And Damian found his favourite neighbour Peanut in Rozza’s town.

Wow, isn’t this a nice spot? Awesome!!

Rozza has got circle grass, oh, I envy you about that, it looks lovely!!

Yummy picnic area with BBQ, cooooool! 8)

In my opinion her town map is also very interesting, look at the huge island in the centre, two long rivers and three different beaches xD

Inside Able sisters shop I’ve found these cute and awesome shirt patterns!!! 😮 😮 Did you design it by yourself, Rozza? They are gorgeous!

I had a lot of fun tonight, thanks a lot and hope to see you soon again!! 😀



  1. the map of luna bay looks so amazing, very nice town 😀

    wann hat das Lernen ein ende…?? Ich kann nicht mehr, Mayu!! I hope we can wi-fi soon, it been a long time….:((

    btw: ich habe einen englischen laptop bekommen das heisst: englische tastatur, *ausrufezeichen suchen* ….ahh da ist es ! XD

    • Oh really? It’s amazing? Wow! xD Thanks Marie 😉

    • Oha, englische Tastatur, das ist ja ne Umstellung xP
      Hoffe auch, dass wir uns bald wiedersehen 😀

  2. Awesome Town!! I want to come to 😀
    Or you come to me. If I add you, will u add me?

    • Sure! What’s your Friend code?

      • can you please look in the topic: my fc’s?
        i’m too lazy to look everything up again 😀
        my town will be open over 10 minutes 😀

        • Ok, do you have my friend code already? Or do you want me to write it down?

          • I have it, it is in the fc topic 😀
            iwanna go to my town or to yours?
            and how did you get such a avatar?

            • Can I see your town? I like exploring xD Also I made a WordPress account go on her and sign up: I also have a blog it’s the 1st blog on Mayu’s blogroll ^^ xD 😉 Rozza xxx 😉

              • Ps: You have to make a wordpress account to change your avatar.

              • I will open my town right now! make sure you are in on time!

            • you can also go to and set your own avatar, then it will be shown up here too without having an own blog 😉

  3. can i come to your town and can you make sure theres a sapce for me to come plz

  4. Mayu, what time for east, usa would you open ur gates?Ever since daylight savings, I have not found the time you open your gate.

    • That’s a good question Samia, idk either! 😦
      Can you tell me your current time the next time you post a comment? Then a timestamp will be seen there, that shows you my current time here in Germany and we can see how many hours we’re apart 🙂

  5. Mayu what about our meeting? 😥

    Lol, joking. I know you’re getting round to it.

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