Posted by: Mayu | November 18, 2009

My DS has a crack!!! (_ _)m

Nooooo, I was shocked today…
My beloved DS lite…

..has got a crack at the hinge of the lid!!! 😦 😥
I was wondering why it suddenly made a strange noise when I opened my DS, but it was worse when I tried to close it again:

Cra~ck, crack crack 😯 AAAAAAAHHH, noooo!! Don’t break pleeeaase!!

Now I have to be very careful with my DS, it’s sad that it breaks so easily at that point (I also never dropped it in the last few months), the same problem had my son 1 year ago and after a few months we had to buy him a new one…



  1. Ohh nooo 😦 I hope it’s okay for you at least for a while…

    Good luck with it, Miki 😉 ❤

  2. Oh dear! My youngest sister had the same problrm. Her Ds hinge cracked but that was about 6 months ago ^^ It still works but the hinge is very loose xD Rozza xxx (Ps. She is very clumbsy with her Ds and drops it alot, you don’t as much as her probably so it’ll be ok for awhile! :D)

  3. eekish! take care of it!

    ohh I have an old ds ^^ you dont wanna hear the sound when I open and close it. It always sounds like crackcrack hehe 😉 and the screen is packed with scratches. Maybe i’m not careful enough with it…


  4. My DS hinge cracked on the inside. I put a piece of tape on it, and it seems to help. My DS Lite hasn’t died yet!

    But… I did end up buying a DSi, which has a much more secure hinge! 😛

    (Now I have TWO DS’s… whoa! lol)

    • I’ll try to tape it too! Thanks gluxbox ^^

  5. Oh no, Mayu! o.o
    I had that happen to me; that’s why I ended up buying a new DSi~

  6. My DSi screen is covered in scratches :eyes:

  7. My DSi screen is covered in scratches (Uh-oh)

    • ohhhh that’s bad! Don’t you have a touch screen protection sheet on it?

  8. ^
    Sorry about that |

  9. Eeek! My DS has done the exact same thing, it did it a while ago…If the worst comes, you’ll have to hold up the top lid screen thing all the time, and it won’t stay up on it’s own. Mine did that, and we have the same thing happening.

  10. Mayu, I have two of those.
    And a broken up button.
    And a broken R button.
    And a totally glitchy top screen.

    😛 yes mayu wait until you see whats in store! OOOOOOH! 😛


    • Tilly, I can’t get to your town, it always say 80430!!! 😦

  11. aaaargh mayu wifi just isint working! i cant connect to it! sry!!!!
    im SO annoyed i was rly looking foward to seeing you!

    • Oh noo, I’m open now, you can’t even get to my town? 😦

  12. btw i have a new blog 🙂

    • Ahh I see your new ava and link ^^

  13. hmm mayu i dont think its worth reopening
    wifi is WAY too laggy 😛

    • Hmmm I’ll try at least until 9 😉

  14. Ohh thanks for the tip with the protective case! 😮
    That’s a good idea, because I also think I’ve to put my finger behind it very soon, it’s a shame, that so many people have the same problems… 😦
    Nintendo should improve this spot!! (well they made a new DSi LOL)

  15. Mayu…!! This happened to me too ! Exacly the same way…!! It happended last year and i had to buy a new one! Im so soorry about that it happen to you too..Be careful and i hope that it doesn´t get worser!! =(

  16. I do believe my lil bro’s DS lite had the same
    problem, but my uncle fixed it!

  17. Last year mine cracked to! I had to bough a new one 😦 but atleast this one works 😀

  18. I know I lot of people have been saying this, but don’t worry, Miki! 😀 I’ve got exactly the same problem (and I have an L shoulder button that doesn’t work too), but I’ve had it for a few months now and my DS is still working perfectly. All you get is a slightly loose hinge, that’s all. 🙂

  19. hi muyu you are not the only on with a brocken ds hinge my ds hinge has broke aswell. 😦

  20. its so annoying 😡

  21. OMG that’s scary… and yours is the lite. It’s meant to be unbreakable. If it breaks on the hinges too much, the top screen may die.

  22. Komisch, mein Ds lite hat gerade genau desselben Schaden. Es funktioniert noch, aber es nervt und sieht nach schrott aus, ich weiss echt nicht wie ich das problem lösen kann.

    • Ich habe es mit Superkleber versucht (nur ganz wenig auftragen direkt auf die Bruchflächen auftragen dass es auch ja nicht auf die Stange kommt) und es klappte prima 😀

  23. Edit: Omg this happened to me last year on my white ds lite! The top screen doesnt work its just white the whole time so i got a DSi which seems more strong. I got a protective case for it. You should do the same to prevent it getting worse!

    • Thanks Whitney for your comment 🙂 And wow, such a lot of people really have the same problem, I haven’t thought about it! 😮
      But now I’ve fixed it with superglue and it works fine ^^

  24. that happend to me so many times i had to get 5 different ds’s(my parents were mad)

  25. Folks, I fixed it!!
    I’ve put a tiny drop of superglue on the cracked sides and pressed them together (when you do that too be sure, that you don’t put too much of the superglue on it, otherwise it will also stick your lid to the pole(?) and you won’t be able to open it again 😛 )
    And it’s working again!! WOOOOOOOT!!!
    No loose lid anymore, no crack sounds, I’m happy! 😀

    • lol it least urs is fixed mines not

  26. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

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