Posted by: Mayu | November 17, 2009

Pippin, Meow, Stella and Unkochan

I had a really nice evening again with my adult ACWW friends ^^

My first visitor was Pippin from TheShire, she looked great! 😀

And Meow also dropped by, today as a green-grass-shirt-jacob’s-ladder-wearing girl :mrgreen:

Oh what’s that? A shirt flying next to me?
Nope, I’ve just ordered an 8-ball shirt for Meow, she told me that she was looking for it eagerly and so I closed my gates for a few minutes to order it for her 😉

3 min later Pippin and Meow came back to Mitsukyo and I was able to give Meow the ordered shirt 🙂

Aww, such a cute pic of us three xD.

Meow is well-known in our WWAG (Wild World Adult Group) for her net-whacking attacks, but this time she got some knocks from us xP 😆

Later on Stella from Wisteria also came for a visit, hii! Oh you’re also well prepared for winter, cute pink wooly hat 😀

When both Pippin and Meow had to go, Stella and me decided to visit another town:

And we visited Unkochan’s town, here we’re at the townhall 🙂

Tehehehehe, Unkochan looks so funny on this pic xP, but also sweet 😉

And some pictures of her house:

The right room was really cool with all this creepy items there 😀

And she also has got a music room, how nice!

I enjoyed our meeting, thanks a lot to all! 😀 😀



  1. Woo hoo, I’m so proud to be in your blog once again! Your pics always come out so good… got any tips for that? I take pics in macro mode but I’m not very good at photography…

    Anyway, thanks again for the Gold Tools and the Painting! Blathers loved it. 🙂 Now I have THREE paintings on display! hehehe

  2. How did she get the golden notes? 😮

    • absolutely right 😉

    • She got the golden notes by laying down K.K. songs on the floor. It looks so cute right? 😀

  3. wow, thats a really cool grass shirt! 😀
    it would match mah town perfect in summer 😉

    • it’s actually a Gracie’s shirt ^^

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