Posted by: Mayu | November 17, 2009

Fanfic: Chapter 4-unlikely friendship by Savvanah

Brewster: 2 cups of black coffee
Phyllis:(sips the coffee) BLAHH! this coffee is so bitter!
K.K: (chuckle)
Phyllis:(glaring a k.k) Why are you laughing? Is it funny watching peoples stupid faces?
K.K: yes,especially nook’s.
Phyllis: (laugh)
K.k: What’s so funny?
Phyllis: I just remembered nook’s face when i whacked him round the head. he looked like an idiot.
Brewster: (smiles at the comment as he witnessed the whole thing)
K.k: i wish i saw it. I probably would have had to join in with the fun.
Phyllis: (laughing so much she is about to falloff her chair)
K.k: Ok,what is so funny? Do i have a coffee mustache?
Phyllis: Yes,(rubbed the coffee tashe away with her feather) but that’s not making me laugh. It’s you. And me. Sitting here like best pals. I haven’t done this in years…
K.k: Well, i am having a great time.
Phyllis: me too……

They both have another sip of their bitter coffee.

they both put their differences aside to show their true forms.

At the town hall….

(storms out the town hall)

Nook has just informed pelly that he is taking legal action againist phyllis for her unprovoked attack……and if she is proven guility she has to leave goa forever.

that’s it so far

🙂 :mrgreen: 🙂




  1. Lol, I like the scene in the Roost xD

    And wow Pelly is ranting?!? 😮
    I would never imagine that xD 😆

  2. wow, you are reaaaally good! :mrgreen:
    im not so good… 🙄
    but im writing an acww story 😉
    its a bit like candys, about how claire and pixelpop all began…
    im sooo cheesy 😆

    • thats so cool rebecca
      i will definetly read it

  3. Mayu your stories are really good!!!!! 8-|

    • Umm I haven’t done it but Savvanah, a nice blog reader and ACWW friend of me 😉
      That’s why I put ‘by Savvanah’ in the title 😛

  4. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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