Posted by: Mayu | November 17, 2009

A song by Sorcha

My song about us:
I remember your laughs, our lols and hehe’s,
I remember the time, when you we’re ma bitches,
I remember us lot, sticking together,
We would play with each other, whatever the weather.
I remember sleepovers with summer,
And Herti, I love ya.
I remember chatting with Alex, on Mayu’s XAT,
I remember staying up all night, just so we could chat!!
Oh yeah, I remember.
I wish that it could have been this way for ever.
But then the holidays were over, the future became clear,
The way I saw it, time was now dear!!
And then I remember, summer leaving me,
But she’ll be my best friend, for all eternity.
I left after that, I couldn’t stand it here,
The words ‘Without summer’ I didn’t want to hear!!
Herti you accused me, of not loving you at all!
But I want you to know, your my best friend of all!
And Zoe I love you, you are also my bitch!
But then I realise I was now the bitch!
And when all you guys, look back and remember me,
I want you to know I miss you and me…



  1. Wow Sorcha, you impressed me! That was such a soulful lyrics, I really love it!
    I’ll miss you also a lot you had been a very good friend to me and I also had a lot of fun playing with you together! 🙂
    THANKS A LOT, and visit me every now and then, you’ll be always welcome 😀

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve put your song as a post, but it deserved it! 😉

  2. aww thats so sweet….=3
    i think i have to cry now XD *schneuuzz ins taschentuch*

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