Posted by: Mayu | November 16, 2009

Sean:”Eeek! Is that a seabass in my neck?!?”

Tee hee, I had a funny evening again with Miki’s friends 🙂

And look who came for a visit: It’s Herti-pi!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!! Welcome back to the ACWW world! xD ~♥ and Julie dropped also by, hiii! :3

CocaCola was actually the first one who entered Mitsukyo, you’re soo cute with this hairstyle 😀

Stomp! Ooops, do I stand on your chocolate, Vesta?? Sorry about that xP

Haha, aren’t Herti-pi and me lovely pansy-fairies? :mrgreen:

We did a lot of fishing tonight, although we only had bad fish like lots of seabasses 👿 . The best thing we had were barred knifejaws though ;), but no tuna!! 😛

Soon CocaCola had to go… thanks for your visit and come back soon again ^^

Sean came instead and I really like this pic, all are so colourful. And I swapped my hat with Herti-pi one’s, thanks again Herti! 😉

LOL, sorry Sean that I just caught a fish while you’re standing in front of me, I hope it doesn’t disgust you xP. (well, you doesn’t look very pleased… 😛 )

I KNOW, HERTI!!! xP It’s just a stinky seabass!!!! 😆

Then we wanted to go to Sean’s town as he remodeled his town and wanted to show it to us ^^

But I had no luck, his town was already full 😉

And please people, don’t worry at all when I can’t get to your town because another visitor has come!! I’m not mad at all, to the contrary, you all might have experienced the same in my town too as my motto is “first comes, first served” so I would be the least one who gets angry about that!!! 😆



  1. ok, whoa 😮
    what is that chocolate thingy in vestas house???
    can it be ordered??? 🙂

    • Oh I’m afraid but it can’t be ordered, it’s a Gulliver item 😉

  2. LOL! I had to bust out laughing from the stinky seabass xD

    Sorry you couldn’t make it into Sean’s, but I’m glad you had fun in Fangtown!! 😀 ❤

  3. Did Rosalie from Forks get a new town or is it another Rosalie?

  4. different rosalie

  5. can you come to my town. i’m not playing, but if you say yes, i’ll open it up

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