Posted by: Mayu | November 15, 2009

Oops, I think I was too lazy tonight…

…that I only have 4 photos of my meeting with Meow, del and Unkochan?? 😮
Sorry about that, folks!! xP
Nevertheless, let me show them to you lol:

I was only able to play with Yuki tonight as I had a date with Meow and Leesh ^^. Meow was very cute today with her blue ribbon and the blue/pink shirt 😀

And del from moomooh came for a visit. Awww poor you, you look so pitiful on this pic, were the bees mad to you? xP Unfortunately, I don’t have any other pics of del either, what a pity! 😦

Leesh wasn’t able to come so we decided to go to another town, the first on the list was the town of Unkochan ^^

Wow, it’s early in the morning in Japan…

…but late enough to get up! Hey, Unkochan, wake up pls! Whack whack! xD
(haha, sorry about that Unkochan, I must admit, this scene looks really painful 😛 )

All in all I played around 1 hour before I had to go… I’ll try to make more pics next time 😉
See ya all again! 😀


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