Posted by: Mayu | November 14, 2009

Help Noni, deseed my town!

Tonight I had a date with CocaCola because my son wanted to come to her town too, to help getting rid of the fake Nookingtons in ♪Music♪. But when I was looking for her open gates I saw only Julie’s gates open. Oh, already 2 people there? Could it be…?

Ha!! Found her!! xD 😆 She had some Wifi errors before so she went to Julie first xD. And hi Julie!! 😉

Well soon we decided to head over to ♪Music♪ and here we are all: Me at the left, then red-haired CocaCola, next to her Julie and in the back is Noni 🙂

He started to go to fake Nookingtons right away and asked us all to go into a house meanwhile lol.

That was quite exciting, what is he doing? Well he explained to me that he first plant some cedars IN fake Nookingtons with help of AR and then delete the house itself with the code “FFF1”. The trees in there are to help getting the ground back to normal, otherwise CocaCola wouldn’t be able to plant any trees or flowers there.

He asked us to come out, but the house was still there… Oh, we forgot to save the progress! So he asked us again to go into a house and save.

And voilá, the house is gone, WOOOOOOT! Only some trees are left there, but these are easy to dig out ;). Thanks for the big help, Noni! CocaCola was really happy! 🙂 After that he went home again as he wanted to watch a movie on TV 😉

Well, I enjoyed the new Café in CocaCola’s house instead, look at this awesome sign 😮 Caffuto is such a nice name!! 😀

I waited for my coffee and as you can see, there’s also milk shake offered, yummyyy

Then we had another visitor, a bad visitor, the evil Resetti who pops up, when Wifi has crashed, arghhh! 👿
Well, hope to see you soon again CocaCola 😉



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  2. Hey, I was wondering, you know CocoCola? Can you ask her what that coffe machine is called? I really want one, thank youu! :d

    • Hello Amayla, the coffee machine is called ‘coffee machine’ lol. You can buy it eventually in Nooks shop so keep an eye on it ;).

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