Posted by: Mayu | November 11, 2009

A quick visit to Debi ^^

This morning I had some time to check gates with Yuki and I found Debi’s town S-VILLE open 🙂

When I headed over I also found Unkochan, a Japanese ACWW friend, there 😀 . We chit-chatted a lot about Japan and its yummy food there, I really got hungry during the talk xD.
(We both said that we love Ishi yaki-imo, it’s a sweet potato grilled on hot stones, sooooo delicious! And here in Germany we don’t get the same sweet potatos, just some white ones from Israel – in Japan they are golden yellow inside ♥o,♥ )

Tehehehehe, I’ve found Debi sleeping in her bed :mrgreen: . And wow at this time the TV still isn’t running oO (it was 5.44AM)

Awesome golden roses in front of Debi’s house 😀 and Unkochan put off her gas mask for a while 😉

Later on we also met maggie, it was so nice to see you both again! 😀
Thanks for the fun, girls! ^^



  1. Aww nice mush furn

  2. tee hee xD

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