Posted by: Mayu | November 10, 2009

A lot of fun with Yuki’s friends

Tuesday evening is Yuki’s evening ^^. As usual I had my best adult friend Meow as visitor:

Thanks a lot for being such reliable to come almost every Tuesday 😉

We said good bye to Hopper, who already has packed his stuff, I think tomorrow he’s gone.

Finally I was able to order the Luigi shirt for Genji. He took it happily…

… and gave me this afro wig a reward! 🙄 Sheesh!!

Later on Leesh dropped by, hooray! Normally we’ve got a date on next Sunday but she found my message on twitter that I’m open right now and as Leesh had a free day she came over, yay!

And Stella also came for a visit, nice to see you again 😀

Whoa, Meow, what do you have caught? 😮

Cool, a tuna!!! :mrgreen:

Leesh and me as Luigi rolled over the beds xP

And I gave her a spare golden axe as she wants to chop off all her trees in town to revamp 90210. That will be hard work Leesh, fingers crossed that it will be over soon 😉

After Stella had to go we held a netfight and another visitor was coming to Mitsukyo:

It’s cutieness Nicola with the golden axe 😉 She was just telling us to stop netfighting, otherwise… 😛

Whoa, what a big turban you’ve got, Nicola!

But mine’s bigger 😛 😆

When I was afk, Meow buried a pitfall in front of me. Well, I’ve seen that just in the right moment, but… as she already put such an effort in it… let’s do her the favour xD 😆

After Leesh had to go we 3 remained ^^. Nicola tried to use the shy emotion during this pic, but unfortunately I always took pics at the wrong moment, the next pic shows the worst shyness emotion I’ve ever seen xP

Sorry about that Nicola xD 😳



  1. mayu i can wifi today sry 😦

    • Oh, what a pity, but don’t worry, it’s ok 😉

  2. lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
    i miss ya!!! 😦
    wish we could wifi…
    we need to meet soon!

  3. hi yuki

    googled you and found you

    sent you an email with new code as i had to go out and buy another copy!!!!

    • annie!!! Thank you, I’ll check my email 😀

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