Posted by: Mayu | November 9, 2009

Paradise in Seanvil

Today I’ve met Sean from Seanvil in his town again ^^. He did a lot of changes in his town and with help of animal map it became a really wonderful town:

Cool, you also got the chocolate path^^ . And such a lot of flowers everywhere!

Also a lot of sparkling cedars can be found in Seanvil, so pretty 😀

But the craziest thing I’ve ever seen was in his house lol:

Come on, I’ll show you…

Lol, it turned out that his house was a complete golden item house xD. Have you ever seen such a lot of golden watercans and golden slingshots in one room? xD 😆

That’s the golden net room…

… the golden shovel room and…

… this rooms reminds me somehow of synchronized swimming crab tentacles LOL :mrgreen:

But also this golden axe room was impressive. Of course Sean cheated it to give them to people who need them. He’s really such a kind boy, he even offered me to pick anything up in his town what I want to. 🙂

I liked this path along the palm trees a lot. And I’m wearing a Gracie shirt what Sean was giving me before, thanks a lot! 😀

Yay, how cool, look Herti-pi, Sean already pixeled your pebbles-in-water pattern and it looks awesome, doesn’t it? ^^

The trees turned into really red colours these days, autumn in ACWW is also a very nice season.

Thanks for the great tour through your town Sean, I enjoyed it and I bet people are going to love to visit you with all the free stuff they’re awaiting 😉

After that I opened my gates for a short while and next to Sean there were also Shania♥ and Julie from Wildwood.

Sorry that I haven’t got any more pictures about it, but soon they wanted to visit Sean’s town again ^^. I wanted to come too but in the end my family kept me busy, so I couldn’t come back again 😉
Oh one last pic of Genji, I think he also looks very posh in his new Kimono shirt xD:



  1. Wow, that town looks so awesome! what time was it there as it looked really nice.

    • It was around 8.30PM my time or 7.30PM UK time 😉

  2. Tee hee, I figured you got busy. 😉 It’s OK though! ❤ Maybe next time 😀

    Hope to see you again, Julie 😛

    • Oopsies, sorry, I forgot to log in. 😳

      • Yes sorry again Julie 😉

        • No worries! We understand that your busy! 😀

          • you are quite correct and mayu you can come into my town at 7:30pm tonight along with julie if you want because she is coming to my town tonight as well

  3. hey sean? u there

  4. yes i am here what do you need?

  5. good job sean geting alot of flowers

  6. Hey, can you post a blog with a picture of the water pattern on it? I’m trying to create a pool, and i can’t get the water pattern right >.< Tahh 😀

    • Have you seen my ‘Icons&Pattern’-Page? At the end of the page you’ll find the water pattern, click on it to see it enlarged 😉

  7. sean seems nice, hey could you introduce him to me sometime?

  8. Hi

  9. Hi :3

  10. Get.minecraft

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