Posted by: Mayu | November 8, 2009

Fanfic: Chapter 3: K.k’s chance by Savannah

K.k slider had just finished reading the bulletn for the day…
K.K: Nook deserved his injures! I just wonder why phyllis attacked him…? Mabye i should go thank her. No WAY! She probaly hates my guts after saturday. Then mabye i should go apoligize? No…i don’t know where she is for the matter. Well if i she her i will apoligize but if i don’t i save my guts!
At the Town hall

Pelly: sis, you got mail.
Phyllis: Huh?
Pelly stared at phyllis.
Pelly: Where’s the shouting?
Phyllis:I don’t feel like it…
Pelly: (gasp) you don’t feel like it? Are you sick? how many feather’s am i holding up? Do you need medicine? Um…Umm….
Pelly: Sorry…and no, i will not leave you alone. What’s a matter sis?
Phyllis: K.K Slider. I am trying to find out what was wrong with him on saturday.
Pelly: (giggle) Before or After you triend to murder Nook?
Phyllis: Ha Ha. Very funny. No, seriously, what should i do next time i see him.
Pelly : Talk to him silly! Look.(point outside) He is outside talk to him.
Pelly pushes her sister out the door.
K.k stares at Phyllis
Phyllis stares at K.k

K.k: thx for killing Nook?
Phyllis: I didn’t get to finish him though…
K.k: Umm………..sorry about the coffee
Phyllis: Well it’s about tim….sorry. Thanks for the apoligy.
Phyllis: Yeh…..
K.k:would you like to get a coffee at the cafe?
Phyllis: What? Now? Me?
Phyllis: sure….
K.k’s mind.

What did i say that for? She hates everyone because she’s always mad. She hates people. No wonder why she has no friends. No friends. A bit like me always on the run. What if….no. tHat a stupid idea. Why would she try being a friend to me?

hope you enjoy

Savvanah 😉 :mrgreen: 🙂



  1. Thanks again for your fanfic Savannah ^^
    I really like these dialogues and I’m looking forward to part 4 😀
    What will K.K and Phyllis talk about? It’s a funny imagination that they both have a date at the Roost xD

  2. im so reading part four

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