Posted by: Mayu | November 6, 2009

639 bells in DOGPATCH!

Thanks to Meow who told me on my blog that Thelma has got an incredible turnip price in her town DOGPATCH, I was able to get rid of my turnips, hooooraaay!!!
So although I was really busy this evening, I couldn’t miss the chance to sell my turnips:

Yaaay, Nook I love you!! ♥

That’s what I get for 1500 turnips :mrgreen:

Thelma, I also owe you a lot! Thanks for being open all the evening!! 😀

And now look what I’ve earned with a house full of turnips:

This room was almost full with bell bags, but also

my main room! Njaaak, njak njak njak 😈 WOOOT!!!

THANKS a lot Thelma and Meow!!! ♥ ♥

Oh and another random pic when I talked to Vesta and Hopper xD:

I love it how they look so angry on this pic 😆



  1. Actually mayu,theyre kissing like, mwah mwah. thats what youd do with nook
    haaaahaahaa xDD\

  2. thats gross debbie xD

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