Posted by: Mayu | November 5, 2009

Miki’s newest friend Mike from Nintendo

Sorry for the updating delay, but I was really busy in the last few days 😦 .
So let me report you about my evening on Thursday 😉 :

Lucky (in green shirt) and Shania♥ came for a visit, yay!

But then another visitor arrived, oh, who’s that?

It’s Mike from Nintendo, welcome to Mitsukyo! 😀

That’s a cute pic of him ^^

Awww Lucky looks so sweet, I really like it, when the charas are talking while I take a pic of them 😉

Then we decided to visit Mike’s town Nintendo. But when I arrived there, I was the only one first…

Wow, look at all these different and cool patterns on ground! 😮 Amazing!

The same in front of his house. Ha ha, Homer looks really funny there xD

In Mike’s safe I’ve found Luigi’s clothes xD 😆 Oh that reminds me to order a Luigi shirt for him 😉

This secret Nintendo items room was also very impressive.

I liked this room also a lot, the tiny TV is really cute x3

Tee hee, he got my sombrero and another 3D-glasses in this room 🙂

I’ve never seen a palm tree that near to the sea… I asked him if he cheated it there, but Mike told me he got this town as it was from a shop, so I think the owner before might have cheated it there 😉 Because I’m quite sure, that a palm tree wouldn’t grow on the pure sand in normal case…

Argh a pitfall! And Mike was also whacking me at the same time, grrrr! 👿 😆 😉

Later on Damian popped in, hiii, long time no see! 😀 And wow, you both look exactly the same!! 😮

After Mike changed his clothes, you couldn’t distinguish between them xD

Hmmm, so who’s who??? lol

Then we decided to go to Damian’s new town StarCity 😉
To be continued…



  1. nice blog!!! love it!!thanks!!

  2. im with the 3d glasses

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