Posted by: Mayu | November 5, 2009

Damian’s new town StarCity

Ok, here I arrived to Damian’s town StarCity. Yay, you already pixeled your town flag 😉

In front of his tiny house Mike, who also came for a visit, gave me a nice present. Thanks a lot ^^

Let’s have a peep inside 🙂

Lol, not a lot in there, but that’s ok, Damian has just restarted his town 😉

Later on we went to my town that Damian could fetch the path, that Herti-pi designed for him and his town ^^. Well, he said, he likes it, but that wasn’t the pattern he has thought of. He wanted a “road”-like more pattern so I said to him to check Wendells pattern on my site 😉
Look here Damian, here you can get all of them:

Wendell’s pattern

In the end CocaCola dropped by, hi! 😀 It’s nice to meet you again ^^
But sorry that I had to power off that soon, because someone shook my money tree again 🙄 😛
I just wasn’t in the mood to plant another money tree again. For all my new visitors, please read my town rules before visiting me and my money tree is only for decoration!!! Not to enrich oneself!! 😉



  1. nic e flaggy

  2. im abeyy here is my info:

    ??? i don’t want a friend code coza resseti but i will do open MY gates
    when i get thechance

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