Posted by: Mayu | November 4, 2009

Two rounds full of visitors

When I opened my gates there were first Lucky and Sean in my town:

Lucky got all the golden tools from Sean and was happy about it ^^. See, Sean, another friend will be very glad about it 😉

I showed Sean my town and my house. Rolling over several beds was a new experience for him 😛

While Sean was singing a turnip aria, I was accompaning him on the piano :mrgreen:

We had a lot of fun with netfighting but also

with Hide&Seek, Julia from Wildwood was also there and here I’ve found her right before 😉

By the way, WHO has lost a turnip in my corner?!?!? 😯 It was really a big surprise, when I’ve found that xD 😆

Fishing was also nice, but not with a horse mackerel!! 👿

THAT’s what I call a good catch! :mrgreen:

It was really a nice evening with you all, Julie, Sean and Lucky, sorry that I had to reopen at 9PM, because I was waiting for Jane to come 😉

And I got a completely new group of visitors as they were: Shania♥, Marie and Jane 😀

While Marie was doing my new touch event,

I gave Shania♥ some dandelions and a few spare hybrids ^^

Jane and I enjoyed chit-chatting…

all in all I had a lot of fun! :]

Hope to see you all soon again!! 😀



  1. Tee hee glad you guys had fun! And I’m very glad that Jane made it in! 😉

  2. Lol you look all rich looking fishers, your clothes are very posh and well dressed 😆

    • Haha now that you mention it… you’re right xD 😆

  3. “my” nose looks kinda weird on that last pic, ha ha
    O.o , btw i LOVED that evening it was a lots of fun….this was the very first time where i had enough time to watch your town (in ruhe?) XD thanks a lot!!!!

    • wuups….=O sorry its me Marie, im on dads computer, lol^^

      • Thanks Marie, I also enjoyed your visit 🙂
        Hope to see you soon again 😉

  4. MAYU when are you going to post your visit to my town? 😀

    • I did it now Jaimee xD. I really loved your house ~♥
      Btw, I’m often posting at the other day and my last posts were also from the 4th not the 5th where we met up 😉
      I’m so lame I know 🙄 lol

  5. Hi. jaimee

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