Posted by: Mayu | November 4, 2009

New friend Sean and me flyyyying

Today a new friend invited me to come to his town:

It’s Sean from then town Seanvil, nice to meet you! ^^

He’s a very nice and polite boy, he even offered me some golden tools, but as I already have all with my charas I asked him to give them to another friend ;). But thanks for the offer, Sean! 😀

Whoa, look at this huge bird pattern!! 😮 I’ve never seen such a big pattern image before and I was quite impressed ^^

Lost in palm tree jungle xD

Sean’s house was also very cool, all the rooms are decorated with water patterns and have got bonfires and tiki torches in it.

Yaaaay, look how we can fly in this corner!! 😆 xD

In another room I found this “stinking” safe 😆 (in German it says: ‘Phew…! Something stinks here! And that’s not because of mothballs’ I wonder what else?? 😯 )

Haha I always wanted to see my back while sitting on a chair, even better when it’s invisible 😛

After that I inivited him to come to my town as it was already 8PM. And my next post will tell about it. 😉 Thanks for letting me visit, Sean ^^



  1. I could really use a golden tool set! Could you ask your friend Sean if maybe I could add him? *i hope i hope*!! lol

    • Tee hee, I’ll ask him next time xD

    • hi gluxbox i do have some more golden tools spare and if you need money i have got a load that i do not need my info is in the my best moments part. When you get on it go to the bottom and click older comments. It should be there if not do the same again. But i need you Name, Town and fc written down as a reply on this comment. When you have added me and i have added you then we will make a meeting time.

      • sorry some of the words are wrong you need my fc and i need your fc

  2. Water world! Deadly! Lthal! Totally AWESOME! Harhar, sooo…. still haven;t found ac:ww game 👿

  3. Sean was the stuff that made you ‘fly’ the invisable chair?

    • yes it was an invisible chair but if you dont have a chip for your ds you cant have them. But since i am so kind i will give some to you if you leave your details behind and when you do i will leave my details behind

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