Posted by: Mayu | November 3, 2009

Fanfic: Chapter 2: Favor or Disaster by Savvanah

K.K slider was in a very bad mood.
Worst than resetti’s
Worst than hmmm….Phyllis.
Nook had just come yelling into the cafe about a sale juring his favourite piece: Forest Life.
He had just finished with his performance and started to trugde out the door with his black (depressing) coffee when….
He ran straight into Phyllis.
Phyllis:YUCK! I got to start work soon and this is what i get. Bitter coffee all over my beautiful feather! YOU….WILL….PAY…
K.k slider (very grumpy now as he just lost his coffee): why don’t you use that brain of yours to move out the way! MOVE!
K.K was out the door before phyllis could say anymore.
Brewster frowned at Phyllis.
Brewster:wonder why he’s so grumpy…and by the way,didn’t you call my coffee bitter?
Phyllis:oh, why don’t you put a sock in it bird brain?
Brewster:technically, your a bird too?
Phyllis was confused.
No-one in the whole world was a mad as she was.
She had a reason to be mad but why the heck was K.K so mad.
Phyllis rubbed her head.
Mabye i should go talk to him, she thought
WHAT am i saying! He rammed into me with his guitar case aiming to kill. I bet he is ploting another scheme to get……?
Phyllis: what did you say?
Brewster:Nook. he ruined k.k’s performance.
Phyllis’s blood raged with anger. she loved k.k’s music and nook ruined it?
At that moment in time nook walked in to spread more news of his sale(the whole world knew but now).


Bulletin: Today has been release from the hopital after the attack for Phyllis the Pelican in the cafe. Witnesses say…………..

hope you like 😀 :mrgreen: 😛 😉



  1. LOL, that’s awesome Savvanah!! xD

  2. Tee hee, thats a good one! I liked the ending! :mrgreen:

  3. Confused !!

  4. ;M”;::;;
    ,’:;: “”‘.
    ,M;. ;MM;;M:
    ‘:: ‘MMMMMMM:
    ‘; :MMMMM”
    . M .
    ‘M.. M ,;M’
    ‘MM;. M ;MM:
    :MMM. M ;MM:
    ‘MMM; M :MMM:
    :MMMM: M MMMM:
    :MMMM: M :MMMM:
    :MMMM; M :MMMMM”
    ‘MMMM M ;MMMM”
    -hrr- ‘:MM M ,MMM:’
    “”: M :””‘
    It’s a tulip!!! Haha

  5. Aww well the thing was supposed to be a tulip sorry xD

    • candyyyy!
      could you wifi?


      • Oh sorry Herti-pI can’t… I gave up Ac:ww completely… If I do wi-fi I’ll never be able to quit 😦 😥 It’s a sad deed but I gotta do it… Sorry Herti you’ll always be my bestie though!!! I hope you understand??? Well hugs, Candy xx xD (Ps: I think I put away my ac:ww, I can’t seem to find it…??? Well Bye!)

        • ohhhh so that means i never ever in my entire life will see you again?
          you serious?
          at least we could have met one last goodbye-time 😥

          ohh my best acww friends quit.
          thinking of throwing my ds out of my window actually.

          bye candy :(<3

          • Herti:

            1. Don’t throw your ds out the window, they’re is recsion going on!
            2. I’m not completely quitting Ac:ww, I’m just inactive from the game 😉
            3. Of course I’ll see you again, silly!!! And if I don’t we can always msn each other.
            4. There’s no point in a ‘goodbye time’ I’m not going no where 😀
            5. Your my bestest friend in the entire universe in the solar system!!!
            6. I’m playing Ac:ww after Xmas 😉

            Love ya! Candy xxx (c:

            • thats a good friend ship

              • ha ha i think the same way 😀

    • Haha, never mind 😉 😆

  6. is miki open today just asking and good story

    • Well no offence Lucy but it’s past 10:00 pm Mayu’s time for one and two it’s a Tuesday, she opens with Yuki…

  7. ok sorry but can you open

    • I’m an inactive player, I don’t play Ac:ww anymore but I will after Xmas 😀

  8. one last time plz

  9. fine ok

  10. that was AWESOME

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