Posted by: Mayu | November 3, 2009

Beautiful S-VILLE and cute Nicola

After Pippin and Nicola had to go, Meow and I decided to go to another town. And we found Debi’s town S-VILLE open, wooot!

Hey, it changed a lot here! This path is awesome!! 😮

Aww you look VERY tired and sleepy Debi xD 😆

Haha, at the museum entrance I found these two trunks? Huh? What is Blathers going to do with these? xD

Everywhere beautiful arranged hedges and flowers, I loved it! 😀

And next to Debi’s house, I’ve found this huge pool! ^^

Relaxing in front of the TV…

That must be Debi’s change room 🙂

Ohh, you can even find some golden roses IN the river! 😉

This crack was surprising to me as its colours are kinda reversed? Maybe it’s just an optical illusion as the ground is very dark there 😉

Thanks for letting us visit, Debi! :mrgreen:

Argh, I shouldn’t water Debi, look, what happened to me when we both went to the gates… I fell into a pitfall!! 👿
Like we use to say in German: “Kleine Sünden bestraft der liebe Gott sofort” – translated into English: “Little sins are punished instantly by God” sounds kinda weird in my ears lol. Are there any similar sayings in your country? 😉

After the visit to Debi I’ve found also Nicola’s gates open. So just for a quick visit, let’s go to Peekaboo!

Shhhh, Nicola is sleeping… 🙂

Aww what a big heart in the sky! 😮

…still sleeping…

Just when I wanted to go home she got awake for 5 minutes xD. We chit-chatted a while then she had to go afk again and I had to go home 😉



  1. we say exactly the same thing in swedish ^^
    *gud straffar alla syndare direkt*

    • Haha that’s cool ^^

  2. Uh… we’ve no saying for that in Irish huhu ^^

    • That’s ok 😉

  3. I think it is “what comes around goes around” or something to do with karma

    • Ahh ok, thanks Reader 🙂

  4. you found a hacker… and a threat less one at that!

    • I don’t mind hackers as long they’re only doing that in their own town 😉
      And I can trust all my people in Yuki’s roster 😀

  5. english sayiing
    treat others liek u would like to be treated lol
    anyway, im not going to reopen, wifi is obviously hopeless at the moment lol

    • Oh we also have this sayings here ^^
      It’s ok Tilly, I’m open now, you can come too if you like to 😀

  6. Hey Miki! You were right!!! My turnip price is 404, for this morning, but I don’t know if it will drop in the afternoon…Please let me know if you want to sell, I will open 😉 It’s 8:30 am here now, so you have until noon my time 😀

    • Yaaay, wait, I have to go out soon and will come back in maybe 2 hours… but then I’ve to do supper… argh I think I won’t have time to sell, sorry Julie 😉
      And yes, it will drop for sure 😉

      • Awe, but it’s ok!! Maybe next week I’ll have a bigger offer! 😉 I’ll let you know ❤

        • Thank you xD!! I really appreciate it 🙂

  7. Wow those hedges were really beautiful!!

  8. Oh wait I do have a saying! In english of course xD Only bite off anough as you can chew 😉 And this one too: Don’t do it untill the fat lady sings (I’ve no idea about that one) And this one: Bhí an eagla an DOMHAIN ar an mise!! (the fright of the world was on me) Huhu the last one’s in Irish xD

    • until the fat lady sings??? Hahaha that’s funny xD
      The Irish one looks cool, I really want to know how it’s really said ^^

  9. candy want to play ACWW?

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