Posted by: Mayu | November 2, 2009

Herti’s Halloween haunted house

Tee hee! :mrgreen: I was looking forward to meet up Herti-pi, because she told me that she has decorated her town Outback for Halloween and I really wanted to see it before she’s going to change her town again 😉

So here we are, Shania♥ in purple shirt and Clara with huge shades already arrived before me. What a nice skull-welcome pattern 😮

Herti-pi decorated her town with several gorgeous Halloween pattern like this graveyard.

I also like the path with the fallen leaf. Hey, Clara, are you afraid of mummys? xD 😆

Clara? 😯 You stopped moving! And me in the sky, too! Oh no, that means…

Evil Resetti popped up because Wifi crashed!! Noooooo! 👿 👿

Back in Outback again :P, this time Marie came instead of Clara 😉

The pumpkins are so cute 🙂 . But although I was sure that there was nobody next to me, I’ve had the feeling that someone evil was watching us all the time…. 😕

Herti-pi showed me her haunted house! What an entrance!! 😮

This is room is called “Heaven”. A doll was playing the harp and the scarecrow accompanied her on the piano…

Miki: “…and this is the naked angel, Herti-pi?”
Herti-pi:” …………….. -.-; ”

Wow a skeleton was guiding us to our seats in the cinema 😯

And after the movie I invited Marie to have a candle light dinner in the restaurant. What’s today’s menu? Hmm, hmm, blood, raw meat and as dessert slime. How delicious!! :mrgreen:

Miki: “Cheers, Marie! Let’s enjoy our evening ~♥”
Marie: “YUCK! What happened to the cherry juice? :o”
Miki: “It’s blood!”
Marie: ” 😯 ! 😯 ! Uhhhhh…..”

Marie: “BURP! Sorry… where’s the bathroom?!?” *dashes out of room*

Well, she was good again later 😉 . But I had this unpleasant feeling of being observed again as soon as I’m outside…
We decided to go to Shania’s town after that, but… it was full in no time 😆
After a while I saw Herti-pi open her town again, she also was left out xP. Now then, let’s go to Outback again 😉

Jane from BomberLu came also for a visit! Hiii, long time no see 🙂

We lit some nice fireworks, yay! 😀 Everyone was happy… just from the very far you could hear an evil small voice… ha… ha ha…

HA HA HA HA HA!!!! 😈



  1. yay ty for posting abour my town! 😀
    hope to see you again soon.

    • ty very much for letting us in your town…!!! IT WAS AMAZING =)

  2. heheh , i like how i’m screaming on this last picture, ^^

    • Yes, that’s why I also thought, I should do this pic at the very end xD

  3. we all know, that MY outfit was the SCARIEST one =3 hee hee heee 🙂

    >>>Marie: “BURP! Sorry… where’s the bathroom?!?” *dashes out of room* <<< XD !!
    miki,miki XD

    • That was just a little burp, not a vomit sound, tee hee!! xD

  4. hahahah that heart-shirt almost made my heart stop! O.o

    and thanks for visiting my town!
    i’ve started to sell stuff, so theres not much left of my halloween house anymore. i’m glad you liked it!

    • Aww but I’m happy that I could at least see your awesome house before it’s revamped again 😉

  5. Tee hee, I really love this ending! It’s as if theres a squeal to come! Hahaha 😉

    • Haha you’re right xD and thx 😉

  6. lol funny

  7. AAAGGGHHH! This post really scared me…

    … Resetti’s ugly face could give anyone nightmares! 😯

    • LOL xP

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