Posted by: Mayu | November 2, 2009

Having fun in Miranda!

Yay I’ve met P!nk again on my blog and she invited me to come over to her new town Miranda 🙂 . Of course I couldn’t reject this ^^

My first visit in Miranda 😀 ♪

We visited her cute neighbour Maple, I laughed about her ‘snooooof’ xD. Hey P!nk, what are you doing on Maple’s bed?

Bam! Ouch my head! We messed Maple’s bed up a little 😛

We also had a fashion show near her Ables 🙂

And her house room has changed! It’s bigger now, you can even see the 1 row expansion along the wall 😉 (the gyroid looks quite freaky on this pic 😆 )

Oh I forgot to take a pic about her house, before I get in ;).

Cool, a rainbow bridge, now that’s lovely! 8)

Here we are in my town again, P!nk was just doing the new touch event 😉

And we also liked to goof around with our slingshots!

Tee hee, P!nk was envious about my 3-bullet-golden slingshot xP :mrgreen:

That’s what you get when you only stare into the sky!! 👿 I fell into a pitfall!! ARGH!

Thanks for the fun P!nk 😉



  1. Cute!

  2. ahh

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