Posted by: Mayu | November 2, 2009

Clara’s cornfields in NutGrove

In the evening I visited Clara’s town NutGrove 🙂

Clara is the Geisha girl and Herti-pi was also there, hooray!

Wow, Clara, you’ve changed a lot in your town!! 😮 Look at this awesome chocolate path and you put also my cornfield patterns there, so beautiful! 😮

Shania♥ also dropped by, hello! 🙂

Hahaha, we all look very strange on this pic, especially Herti-pi at the very right oO!! Are you a boy showing us your teeth? xD 😆 LOL

We soon wanted to go to Herti-pi’s Halloween decorated town so I changed also my outfit again.

I loved Clara’s pattern of herself, the hair is really wonderful!! ~♥

And hooray, Clara is also into turnips now! :mrgreen:

Btw who of you are still trading with turnips?? When I’ve got a good turnip price I want to know who I can add into Mayu’s roster 😉 (she’ll be my turnip chara now)



  1. I’m still into turnips. (i forgot to buy last sunday, but next week!)

  2. I’m slowly becoming more interested in turnips. 😉

    • its great fun to look around for high turnip prices!

      less fun when all your turnips rot.
      huhu ^^

    • Ok you two, I’ll keep you in mind 😉

  3. I’m selling turnips!

  4. Larrisa…witch game have u got?

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