Posted by: Mayu | October 31, 2009

Cute little Halloween party together with CocaCola, Bonnie, Meow and Thelma

Happy Halloween!! 😀 😀
Well I opened my gates today a little later, and haven’t thought of that I’ll get many visitors, because I was quite sure that most friends are going Trick or Treat instead of staying at home and playing ACWW ;).

But there were two visitors for Miki tonight: The graveyard dressed girl named CocaCola 🙂 and

Bonnie from Home dropped by, thanks for visiting me you two ^^

Bonnie was so kind and gave us a golden rose and a blue rose (it’s hidden behind the tree) as a present, thanks a lot! ~♥ 😀
Well, soon after that Wifi crashed and I was quite busy at home again.

1 hour later I thought I should have a look with Yuki, if there’s a town open:

Here I found Meow in Thelma’s town Dogpatch, hiii! I asked her if she’s wearing the mask because of swine flu, but she was only scared about (my?? 👿 )germs 😛

We found the witch Thelma snoring loudly in the near of the gates.

Lol, sorry Thelma, we just couldn’t hold us back 😆

That’s was all of Halloween tonight, oh no, in real life I had one visit of three children this evening. One Ninja-girl, an awesome costumed Witch with white-painted face and blood running down her lips and… a normal boy without any costume!! Doh! 🙄 In Germany they don’t say “Trick or Treat!” but “Süßes oder (es gibt) Saures!” that would be translated into “Sweets or (give you) beans!” 😉 I gave them some “Schokoladen-Lebkuchen” (chocolate gingerbread) 😛



  1. Lol that was a sweet night Mayu!
    I wish wifi didn’t crash cuz I grew the flowers just 4 you.
    What were you for Halloween?

    • Argh yes, I also still have the mummy set for you xP. I tried to be a Skeleton in ACWW, in real life I was nothing because we don’t celebrate Halloween in my family (just a few people are celebrating this here in Germany, it’s not that common like in USA or UK)

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