Posted by: Mayu | October 30, 2009

My newest friend: Clara from NutGrove

When I opened my gates my town was very soon full again with:
(from left to right) Me, Lucky, Julie and a new friend called Clara! She’s a very nice girl from the UK and we added each other yesterday, so I was quite happy to meet her up that soon 😉

Clara is new to ACWW, she’s recently started and it was also her first Wifi visit! Whoa, I feel honoured 😮

I wanted her selfdesigned shirt (what she’s wearing on this pic) displayed at my Ables, it’s so cute ^^

Haha Julie, you have the perfect Halloween costume 😉

I think Lucky was really cute this evening, I liked her style 😀

A group pic of us. Next to me is Clara with her new hairstyle 🙂

Another view, the very right person is always hidden behind the time stamp 😦

We chit-chatted a lot, it was really fun with you girls! 🙂 (Tee hee, I like it when you can see the charas speaking on the pic xD)

Later on we lit also some fireworks. Ahem, Lucky was afk for a while, but…
she’s our STAR!! 8) 😆

When she was back again, we lit some sparklers, too 🙂
Then Lucky asked me to add her friend vicky from Kamloops and left my town to let her in, but someone else was quicker:

It’s Bella, lol! Hi, nice to see you again!
Sorry Lucky and vicky, I hope we can meet up some other day again 😉



  1. im just wodering miki are you open today

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