Posted by: Mayu | October 30, 2009

Exploring Nutgrove

Then we were invited to come to Nutgrove, to Clara’s town ^^

I felt like I have been here before, but that wasn’t true, I think I just remember her flag from Clara’s blog, where she has posted it on her page 😉

That’s her sweet little house, yet unexpanded so quite rare to see 😀

Aww but so pretty decorated, you did it well in that short time Clara 😀

Hi Bella, where are you looking at?

Ohh I see, the moon ~♥ Yes, the starry sky is really pretty here.

Bella asked us to come in front of Caroline’s house to get a group pic ^^

Ohh, coooiiiee, is my darling Nook there?

Let’s have a look!

He’s my most favourite Nook of all shop expansions! ♥o♥

Thanks for having us over, Clara, it was great fun!! 😀
And don’t worry about the Wifi crashes, it’s quite regular and it’ll never destroy your DS although it looks really bad sometimes xD
Hope to see you all soon again!

Oh btw, Clara also made a post about our meeting:
Pretty Mitsukyo
Check it out 😉 and thanks a lot Clara ^^



  1. Hi, it’s Julie! Sorry I didn’t come back after the last WiFi crash, I had to go by then 😉

    • That’s ok Julie, no worries ^^

  2. Hi mayu! its me, Harrison! i haven’t been here for a long time because ive been having so much on Flipnote Studio. So today im like, ″mine as well go to mayu’s ACWW blog, haven’t been there for a long time.″so here i am! i do have a different friend code. [ive got action replay!]o_o. i wont tell you just yet, though.

    • Hi Harrison, thanks for stopping by again! 😀 How are you?
      Ohh Flipnote Studio looks awesome, it’s great how people can do such nice movies with it 😀

  3. hiya! i dont have wifi at home but if we added eachother some time would you be allowing me to come over evan though i haft to travel 12 blocks to get to a hotspot?

    • Hi Cailum! 😀
      Wow, of course I can add you but you really have to travel a lot to get to the next hotspot! oO
      And the problem is, that my town gets often full in no time and I can’t always keep a place free for you otherwise I have to say to everybody who comes that he has to leave soon again…
      Another problem might be the time difference, I can see that you wrote this comment in my deepest night at 2AM, so you have to go to Wifi in your mornings to meet me in my evenings… But don’t feel attacked, it would be nice to meet you so if you don’t mind these problems go ahead and give me your details 🙂

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