Posted by: Mayu | October 29, 2009

Yummy coffee in Paradise

When I entered Paradise I was suprised by this water themed town :o!
I knew that Damian worked for it and we helped him chopping down the trees but I haven’t seen his work yet. Well done you both, it looks awesome! Oh, and another visitor came: it’s Bonnie from Home, nice to meet you again! 😀

A little blurry, but still a cute pic of Bonnie ^^

I liked the frame of the water world, it looks really cool! But then Wifi crashed!! And it was only me who came back next time. So Bella showed me her new arranged house:

Haha, I think you recognize it all, it looks like The Roost, the coffee shop of Brewster! Yay, one coffee please Bella! 😀 I even paid 200bells for it and it was very delicious (and without pidgeon milk, hooray :mrgreen: )

Bella put also an awesome sign in front of that room 🙂

And her signs for the coming new room is also already finished: the new room will be a Caroline shrine 🙂

Aww, I bet, Caroline will love that!!

Hello, Scorpi! You haven’t got much space there, have you? 😛

Ohh this was a pretty birthday party room! 🙂 Such a nice idea and the wallpaper is also amazing!

Haha, we found an orange rose accidently in Paradise, that’s so cool, because neither Damian nor Bella planted the flowers on purpose to breed some hybrids, she said that the neighbours planted all these flowers.

In the end I brought her some coconuts, because there weren’t any at the beach and as she still has got summer in town, she’ll miss the big bugs of this season 😉



  1. Hello! Your blog is wonderful! My name is Cory from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. DaliLand is the name of my town in Animal Crossing City Folk, because Salvador Dali is my favorite artist. I follow you on Twitter and have added you to my Animal Crossing List. Have a great weekend!

    • Hello Cory, thanks for visiting my blog! 😀
      What a coincidence, I also added you on twitter this early afternoon lol!!
      Thanks for adding me and DaliLand is really a great town name 😮

  2. Wow that water world is so cool! You go on such exciting adventures! 😛

    I hope we can meet this Tuesday!


    • Thanks gluxbox, hope to see you soon, too ^^
      Btw, I’ll open my gates on Sunday evening with Yuki around 9PM my time, I still have to check what’s that in your time though xP

  3. hi gluxbox, are you still online?

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