Posted by: Mayu | October 29, 2009

Visits from CocaCola, Bella, Larissa and Lucky

Ok as I said after I visted CocaCola I promised to open my gates. It was full again in no time and on this pic you can see CocaCola in blue-pink shirt and Bella with her crown ^^

But also Larissa joined our party 🙂

I bought a halo this morning at Able sisters and when I asked who might need it, Bella and Larissa said both yes! So I made a little contest and asked them on which month I’ve got birthday, and Bella was the closest and won the halo 😉 .

Later on CocaCola had to go and the pharao Lucky came for a visit while Larissa and me are having some umbrella fashion show xD

Why do you hide your face behind the tut mask? Do you have an ungly hairstyle? And she answered yes… oO (But no way at all!!! :mrgreen: )

Then we decided to go to Bella’s town, but I’ll tell about in in my next post 😉



  1. my gates are open 😀

    • When you write that with “Rebecca on the wii” does it mean, that your gates are open on ACCF? Or was it ACWW?

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