Posted by: Mayu | October 29, 2009

CocaCola from ♪Mu-sic♪

My day started with Tilly, but I only have one pic of us:

Argh, what a pity, that we had Wifi problems after that, but I hope to see you tomorrow again 😉

But back to my title, lol, I met CocaCola today for the first time! 😀 I saw her gates open and had to go to her town ♪Mu-sic♪:

Hello CocaCola, where are you?

Ah, there you are. Nice to meet you! 😀 She’s a very kind girl and it was fun to play with her 🙂

She had a lot of cute patterns like these tulip ones or…

…the golden shovel pattern or the cute dog behind me 😀

This is her main room. She also have got a pic of Biskit, her favourite neighbour ^^

This room was also really nice, I liked the wallpaper very much and CocaCola was just showing me the classic clock, what she also likes a lot.

Yay, two Christmas trees in this room! 😀 I haven’t seen them for a long time.

Hahaha, that’s a flea in the cage xP. It was always jumping up and down like mad 😛

The mush furniture themed room

And as she still has Nookway I bought an item from there that she’ll get Nookingtons soon 🙂

But then CocaCola showed me a sad thing:

Someone seeded her a Nookingtons near the gates, ohhh! 😦 That’s so mean, that people do such things 👿 I’ll ask my son if he can deseed your town again, so hopefully it’s going to be succesful 😉

You think a Nookingtons is a good thing when you still have Nookway normally?

Well, that’s an false idea, because inside the Fake-Nookingtons you can also just buy the same items what you can see in Nookway. 😛

Even upstairs there are a lot of items missing.

After that we both cleaned up her town by selling all the acorns which were lying all over the town and then we headed over to my town 😉



  1. Hi Miki, it’s Julie 😉 My turnip price is 307! Would you like to sell? Or wait for a higher price? Please let me know to open or not 😉 Thanks so much! 😀

    • Thanks Julie, but I’ve got no turnips this week, I’ve missed Joan last sunday, as I was too busy 😦
      Anyway you’re so kind to let me know, thanks a lot Julie, I appreciate this 🙂

      • Hey, its no problem 😉 I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out.

        Theres always next week! 😛

        • You’re really awesome x3!!

          • Awwwe, thank you 😀 Your really awesome too 😉 Hee hee! ❤

            Have a good day & a Happy Halloween!! 🙂

  2. 😆 Happy Halloween Everybody!!! i just ate a Lollipop that explodes in to little yummy juice inside!!!! mmmm very spicy!!!!!! grrrr im at my dad’s work and everybody is dressed in halloween costumes and i screamed when i saw a man dressed as a thief whoa! creepy i tought it was real!!!!! im scared. tomorrow will be halloween and im so excited to show my bff my cat costume! i look like a real cat!!!!!!!! meow!!!! miauu!!!!!!! oh well happi candy and a happi halloween !!!!!!!

    • Hi Nicole, Happy Halloween to you too! Lol, it sounds quite funny at your dad’s work xD. And you must look so cute in your cat costume ~♥

  3. hey im open :]
    happy halloween 😉

  4. hey!
    u seem really nice CocaCola 😉
    add me if u want!

    • Added you
      Name: CocaCola
      Town: (musical note)Mu-sic(musical note)
      Code: 5371 0142 3339

  5. i added u 2

  6. ♪Mu-sic♪ is such a lovely town name 🙂

  7. Can someone please order me a Christmas tree? 😉

    • I can, the big or the little one?

  8. i like the game can u ad my friend code no no add me on face book

    • Add me on facebook kiito from Japan! Sorcha Shadoww!

      Oh and check out our blod
      Please vote in out poll (:

      Sorcha xxx

    • Hi kiito, sorry but I don’t have a facebook account ^^

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