Posted by: Mayu | October 28, 2009

Some close-up pics of my friends ;)

This evening was full of Wifi crashes! 😦
Therefore we also couldn’t play that very well and I only got group pic of us 😛

This is Lucky from Margoo☆☆, her shirt fits perfectly to her blue hair 😉

And Julie from Wildwood came over, yay! Rainbow girl tonight! 🙂 (And I changed my hair to my old Miki hair style more than 1 year ago xP)

And Julie from Elegans was a cute bride tonight, hello! 😀

Aww Lucky was just talking when I took this pic, it’s so much lovelier than our “:(” face xP

The bride changed into a flowery blue haired girl and we were all chewing a rose here. Uhh, Julie, are you still alright?? xD 😆

Sorry that I haven’t got more pics 😉



  1. Hahahaha, I think I might have been poisiend from the rose on that last pic! xD

    Stupid WiFi! 👿 😥 I opened my gates after, but there was another crash, then it began to be OK for the rest of the night. It seems to be working perfectly now 😉

    Thanks again for having me over 😀

    • Haha thanks Julie, sorry that I didn’t come, but I got fed up with all the Wifi crashes and joined better my family watching “School of Rock”. I like that film and Jack Black!! xD

      • Hee hee! Don’t worry about it! There really isn’t no point in opening only to get kicked out again. 😆 Hope you liked the movie! ❤

        jack black is hilarious 😀

        • yep, he is!! xD

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