Posted by: Mayu | October 28, 2009

Katie, you stand in our way!

Today I found Katie in my town again, and guess where she was standing:

Right in the middle of the bridge!! I wasn’t able to go over it, even with running I couldn’t push her away xP. In that moment Genji tried to talk to me and somehow we were able to talk over the distance lol. He asked me if I have forgotten something the last time I was in his house. Of course I negated it (is that a proper English verb?). Funnily Blaire also joined us lol.

Genji: “Man, I’m impressed! You’re so incredible honest, otaku! Wow”
Awww now two animals are crying here xD 😆

And Genji gave me a present as reward! To my surprise I was able to stand next to Katie when I took the present, but soon as I got it, I was pushed back again in front of her, haha! That’s so mean!

Hmmmm… I really wanted to get involved into Genji and Blaire’s conversation!! 😈 Katie, just go a little away!! xD

Btw, Katie is looking for her mother in Alfie’s town Toast, so if you have time Alfie, let me know when you open your gates 😉



  1. Yep, I’ve just checked and I’ve got Kaitlin in my town, and she says that Katie is in Mitsukyo. We’ll have to meet up sometime. 🙂

    Also, the clocks went back where I live too… I’m not sure what that means for WiFiing times. All this time changing confuses me 😆

    • for us nothing will change we have the same time difference again 😉

  2. Negated is DEFINITELY a proper verb to use there. 🙂

    • Haha, thanks a lot gluxbox xD

  3. ^Is it? I don’t mean any rudeness, Mayu, but I don’t think that word exists…I think you’re looking for the word ‘rejected’? Because ‘negative’ doesn’t have a verb originating from it. 😉

    • Thanks Jaimee, yes, “rejected” is a good word, I wasn’t sure about “negated” either 😉

  4. hey add me my gates are usually always open at 6:00

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