Posted by: Mayu | October 27, 2009

Halloween fun: Haunted Funky!!!

Yay, the fun started with Meow coming over to Mitsukyo:

Tee hee, you look very crazy today xP.

And del from moomooh also joined us 🙂

After having the touch event we all decided to see Meow’s haunted house and town, hooray! I’m excited!

😯 Whoa, what a scaaary flag!!! Can you see it? It’s an bloody eye in the upper centre and a ghost in the left window, and the house is burning!! EEEK!

And look at this bones!! 😮 Oh my gosh, what creature lives in Funky?!?

Ahhhh!!! There it is!! You can hardly see it, but it’s in the well! oO *dashes to Meows house*

Uhhh I’ve got an uneasy feeling in this room… a hospital bed? Laboratory? Tarantulas?

The other side wasn’t that calming either… jelly fish brains? An open human??? What the heck is going on? del also runs away of this room xP

In the backroom there was just an UFO invasion over miniland happening!!! 😯 EEEK!!!

Uhhh, now I’m on a haunted ghostship!!! oO HELP!!!

I ran away from house…

But Dr. Meow found me!!! oO

And dragged me to another well and pushed me in!!

I fell unconscious and found myself later on the hospital bed! oO Dr. Meow put her mask on and began to open my brain… I felt dizzy and couldn’t do at all to prevent her doing that… it looks that she gave me some drugs before…


Due to not G-rated pics after that I’ll end my report now! xP
Greetings from evil Yuki! 😈



  1. Soooo Awesome Post!!! Haha the well was totally awesome!!! Does Meow wi-fi with only adults?

  2. haha brill post seems you guys had a lot of fun 😉 WISH I WAS THERE then again i may have fallen into a well lol

    • Thanks you two xD. It was really nice to see all these awesome patterns 😉
      And yes Candy, Meow is also playing only with adults.

  3. Wow~! You sure look like you had fun, xD
    I just ran across this blog today and it is so cute!! 😀
    I’d love to visit your town one day~~ (I only have Wild World on the DS though, and idk if that is what you have.)
    > 3 <

  4. I just made an account…
    I’m Caitlyn. :3
    If you have MSN (I doubt you do) add me! 😀
    Maybe one day you can visit my town. ^ u ^

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