Posted by: Mayu | October 26, 2009

P!nk is back and PTS work in Essex

Aww what a lovely surprise, not only Sofia (aka Nicole) is back but also P!nk from her new town Miranda! 😀

Woot, it has been half a year, when we met up last time 😮 . So niiiice, to see you again! 😀

Wow, you deserve the name P!nk at all! xD

She needed some tools and bought them in my Nookingtons.

And also had a hairdo at Harriets. Now she’s a blue P!nk, but very cute!! ~♥

I wanted to give her a blue pansy for her hair, so we went to my spare hybrid area.

Later on Shania♥ came also to Mitsukyo, hey, thanks for visiting me ^^
After P!nk had to go I went to Essex, Shania♥ ‘s town again.

Wow, you changed your entrance, that looks cool! 8)

Aww the bridge patterns is also really lovely.

Later on I tried to help her getting a perfect town status, so I brought a lot of my spare normal flowers to her town.

And spread the flowers over the town, but still Phyllis wasn’t satisfied with the environment 😛

Even buying the last flowers in her Nookingtons wasn’t enough, I think all in all we spread about 80 flowers in Essex. Well, I still have hope and will collect flowers again for you Shania, I bet we’ll get very soon your PTS 😉

It was a wonderful morning, thanks a lot P!nk and Shania♥



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