Posted by: Mayu | October 25, 2009

Three times full town!

Whoa, this evening I had incredibly a lot of visitors again in my town, Wifi crashed three times in total and therefore I had three times different visitors in Mitsukyo 😉

First round: Bonnie, Shania♥, Lucky and Julie

Yay I’ve met Bonnie from Home for the first time tonight, you may know her also as Samia ;). Shania♥ also dropped by, hello ^^

Followed by Lucky from Margoo 😀

Aww you look so cute on this pic, Lucky 🙂

Bonnie had to go very soon and Julie from Wildwood took the chance to fill my empty spot again 😉

Uh oh, Shania… never go afk in my town, because Miki can’t resist to…

…whack the people!!! :mrgreen:

Soon after that, BAM!, Wifi crashed 😦

Well that got me some new visitors.
Round two: Julie, Candy and Julie#2

When Julie from Wildwood and Candy from Cutiepop arrived to my town…

Julie from Elegans stopped by, woot! Now we’ve got two Julie’s in town tee hee! Just remember that Julie from Elegans has got brown eyes while Wildwood’s Julie has got these asian eyes 😉

Candy showed me her newest emotion: nodding! Looks like wild headbanging, cool! 8)

A nice group pic of us all ^^

We also had an awesome netfight 😆

And while I was showing them Julie’s awesome Super Mario World pattern, Candy changed her shirt xD

Then we had a wonderful international moment, we counted in different languages from 1 to 10. Candy (green colour) counted in Irish, Julie#2 (blue) in French, Julie (pink) just normal and me (yellow) in Japanese, that was such a great fun!

And I never saw Irish words before, it was very interesting to read that!

Candy even left me an Irish bulletin message! Yaay, thanks a lot Candy. She said that “Hello. Mitsukyo is very good. Miki is friendly” and something else (I don’t remember, sorry) was written there, that’s really cool!

After that we enjoyed lighting up the fireworks:

Haha, I fired Candy on this pic, but…

Julie from Elegans burned me instead 😆

After that, guess what!! Well, you can imagine it: Wifi crashed!!!!

Round 3: Sofía, Ynnah and Julie

Next time I finally met Sofía again! We tried to meet up all the evening, but everytime my town was full, sorry about that xP.

These were my next visitors: Sofía with crown, Ynnah with blue shirt and Julie again, lol

Yay, we’re yellow girls now after Ynnah also changed her shirt into a yellow one.

Tee hee, Julie also changed her hair into the 2 pigtailed one, I like this pic of being four different haircoloured 2 pigtailed and with different yellow shirts girls together!! 😆

We went crazy after that and whacked each other…

… but also Nookingtons got it’s punishment!

Even synchronized!! :mrgreen:

And we had an awesome axe fight after that 😆

Thank you all for the great visits!! I enjoyed all three rounds with my friends! 😉



  1. awesome!!!! im open now if anyone wants to come! and see lollipop!!!!!!

    • Aww sorry Nicole, but I can’t 😦 I have to go grocery shopping now – in the rain!! YUCK!!! xP

      • Awww rain is cool! xP That’s one reason why we moved from california…
        it only rains when your not looking!! 😡

      • don’t worry, i’ll be open ALL day today, except the time you are open, Miki. lol

        you can enter when you can and want! i’ll be waiting!!!

  2. Hahaha 😛 Thanks so much everyone for another great night of WiFi’s! 😀

    I changed my pigtail haristyle, just to a different color. (Light Brown) xD I like it, so I think I’ll stick with it 😉

    Hope to see you all again soon! 🙂

    • hey, julie from Wildwood did you add me? if you didn’t, go to mayu’s post : “visiting tomorow!” and you will find in the comments my info. im open.


      • Awesome Nicole! I will totally add you 😀 Do you have my info?

  3. Sorry I had to leave so soon, Mayu!!
    I left you a message too on your BB!
    Your town is the best yet!

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