Posted by: Mayu | October 24, 2009

Two new friends: Ynnah from Cali and Lucky from Margoo☆☆

What a surprise, today a new visitor came at the beginning to my town, totally unexpected 😆

It’s Ynnah from Cali, it’s so nice that we finally met up! 😀 And cool moustache, Ynnah xD

And Marie from Bikini B and Jane from BomberLu (sorry, she’s cut at the very right side of this pic :oops:) came soon after Ynnah ^^

Marie was wearing a very cute outfit today 🙂

Ynnah did the touch event, while Jane and me were watching her, xD

Tee hee, all pigtailed girls are on this pic 😉

Jane soon left my town to let her cousin Lucky from Margoo☆☆ get it, she already visited me yesterday by using the chara of Jane but it’s nice to see her Wifi finally working too ^^. Welcome Lucky to Mitsukyo!

That’s a cute close-up pic of her ^^.

Well I didn’t have much time left for game playing as I had a date with rocker3, but it turned out that she didn’t have time that evening, so I also shut off my DS after waiting an hour ;).

Thanks for visiting me! 😀



  1. 😦 you didn’t put the part when i came, or did you?


    No problem!

    • Oh don’t worry I’m working on the pics right now at the moment, I’ll post about it soon 😉

      • ok, awesome! I didn’t went to school today because im very sick i have asma and i have my headache stomach ache and a cold. i feel terrible… ouch my stomach!!!!!! (no really im totally sick) mayu, I can play acww today. but only one hour. if it were like before, about the time changed, i could play 2 hours but only 1 today. im back to normal of playing Wifing!!!! yay!!! awesome right?!!! well, i can only play the times i can. lol!

        • Aww poor Nicole!! 😦 Hope you feel better very soon!!
          But nice that you can play a little often now, hope to see you soon this evening ! 😀

  2. Mayu! I need answers asap! How do you get the pigtails? I mean like what do you need to ask Harriet? (i looked at your hair guide but it tells you nothing on how to get the style, i need to know what to answer) 😀


    • Oh I actually put numbers there, like 2 2 1 for pigtails. That means that you have to choose either the second or the first option when Harriet is asking you these questions. I have to look it up what exactly Harriet is asking you and what answer you get, because I only have the German mode…

  3. oh and also I know you showed me the gravatar thing but I don’t want an acual picture I want to change the colour of the picture thing it gives you, (like Nicole’s, how her’s is pink and mine is a yucky gray colour)


    • lol, you have to put your email in the blank under your name. lol try that.

      hope it helped


      • ummm no I don’t think that it depends of whether you have put your email adress in or not. I think it’s related to the IP adress, that’s why you always have the same standard icon and other people different ones.
        So in this case kenzie, I’m afraid, but you can change your pattern avatar that easily 😦 (and I can’t do it either as it’s a setting directly from WordPress)

        • no, if you don’t put your email adress it will be gray. lol if you put an email another color will appear!

          • Ahh I didn’t know!! 😀 Thanks for the info ^^

    • and check out this icon…>>

  4. Mayu überfordern dich diese ganzen Fragen nicht?? Also ich bewundere dich wirklich jedesmal wie du es schaffst dir die Zeit zu nehmen um unsere Fragen zu beantworten ^.^ *schleim* * schleim*

    • Manchmal ist das doch ganz schön viel Arbeit das stimmt, besonders wenn ich Wochenende z.B. keine Zeit hatte an meinem blog zu arbeiten, dann warten ab und zu doch 6 Seiten Kommentare auf mich lol.
      Aber ich denke mir immer, die nehmen auch Zeit für mich und wollen auch Antwort auf ihre Fragen haben, also versuche ich auch im Gegenzug allen zu antworten 😉 *Schleim aufwisch LOL*

  5. I hope this works…

  6. yaayy! It worked! Thanks Mayu!

  7. tee hee! I’m tring different colours!

  8. hi there

  9. I think I like this colour

  10. how ’bout this one…

  11. meh

  12. haha my comments are very… colourful lol XD

  13. Thanks for the help Mayu! I look great in pigtails! 😀

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