Posted by: Mayu | October 23, 2009

Your Highnesses in Mitsukyo

Tee hee today I had a royal visitor in my town:

Prince Tilly from Tomorrow came to my house and…

… took me as his wife, hoooraaay!!! xD 😆

Well the years passed and we still are married together:

Ahhh I’m still in love with King Tilly~♥




  1. 😆

    Ha ha, very funny! 😀

  2. ha ha, see what ya did there! 😆

  3. Ha ha, that is funny! 😀

  4. yes after so many years our hair has gone grey…
    lol you forgot to mention visiting our slaves but lol!!
    like gay genji…man that was funny

    • I had not enough pics to show after that Tilly, sorry! xP

  5. hey its me ive been gone for 8 weeks because ive moved house and my internet wont work also my old ds broke wich acww was in it and i took it to the dump forgetting the game was inside oh well cya:(

  6. oh wait found it oh heres a little video.just charging.oh by the way we cant do wi fi cause im changing code kk.

    • You found your ACWW again? Great, so it’s not on the dump 😉
      What little video are you talking about? ❓

  7. idk do i?

    • You said that in the last comment about the video 😛

  8. XD name change bye

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