Posted by: Mayu | October 23, 2009

What an elegant town is Elegans!

When I entered Elegans, the town of Julie, I was like: 😯 😮 !
Whoa, such a nice entrance!! 😀

Alfie came and he reacted almost the same and said the same words, haha! xD

Such a lovely path!! And those hedges!! 🙂 Really cool!

I also liked this spot in front of the museum ^^ And another pic to show you the beautiness of this town:

So pretty!

Visiting my beloved Apron-Nook in Nookway :mrgreen: I also bought something from there, so Nookingtons in on your way, Julie 😉

All the self-designed patterns at Ables were also really cute ~♥
I’ve chosen the blue shirt in the upper row and some other stuff from Ables.

Am I pretty? xD Haha, well, Julie looks really cool here, here you can also see the selfdesigned biker shirt again 8)

La la la, it’s so much fun to have someone sleeping in town! WHAM! BAM!

I’ve SO much fun, yes, yes, yes! :mrgreen:

And Shania♥ came for a visit, hello again! 😀

Well, she fell into the pitfall what Julie and I had prepared before for Alfie! xP

Hahaha, look at Shania♥ ‘s awesome angry face when she jumped out! 😆

Soon I had to go, thanks a lot for letting me visit, Julie (this is Julie without the Biker stuff 😉 ) hope to see you soon again! ^^



  1. I’m glad to say that today is the grand opening
    of Nookingtons! 😀 Thanks to whoever bought
    something! :3

  2. how did they get a flan shirt R U RICH!!

    • Ahahaha 😆 you really wanna know? well I got it at a giveaway
      at ACC (Animal crossing community) Uhhhh no, I’m not THAT rich! 😉

  3. i have a manison and i got a new pic Allis!

    • You got Alli’s pic? Congrats! 😀

    • Hey, that’s great diggiedog554, congrats! 🙂

  4. Sorry guys but I’m quitting acww and cf. It’s interfering too much with my school work and I’ve decided the worse is for better. It means I’m quitting games for reality. Sorry everyone… I’m gone.. PS: I’ll still totally check your blog though Miki!

    • But I just met you Candy! 😦 Oh well it’s your life…(I sure hope you change
      your mind though!)

      • Yeah Sorry About that Julie, I didn’t mean to go just after I met you it’s just winter exams are coming up and… well I can’t get bad grades… 😦 I’m so sorry

        • Ohh I can understand this, my sons also write a lot of exams these days, it’s also busy days for me as I still have to help my youngest son and his best friend in English and Spanish. Last week we were sitting three times for an hour over the difficult grammar tenses :simple present – present progressive, simple past- past progressive, present perfect and will-future! Arrrrghh, all these signal words are so hard to remember, when do I use the progressive form, when not, it’s also hard to explain xP !! 😆

          • :shocked face: Mayu!!! You must be a super mother!!! Progressive past present aaaahh!!! Confusing!!!! ❓ Much harder than I have!!! I have Geography tests, english tests, irish tests, History tests, CSPE tests, Religion tests, PE exams (Yes even PE!), Italian exams, Buisness tests, art exams and mush more, im over my head with information!!! I still need to do better though

            • HAHAHA, noooo, I’m not a super mother xD! Luckily all tenses are very good described in the grammar book! 😛
              But your schedule looks incredibly busy 😮
              What’s CSPE? PE is sports, isn’t it?
              And I loved your “mush more” misspelling, I smiled about that 😀

              • CSPE stands for Civic Society Political Education (I think^^) and Pe is sports, yes 🙂 Mush more!!! Haha, I didn’t motice that!!! I mean notice that! sorry for mispelling…

    • Aww Candy! I’ll miss you dearly!! 😥 😥 You were always very nice to me. 😛 But, I do understand how Animal Crossing can be in the middle of things sometimes. 🙄 I’ll miss you!

      Thanks for all of the good times. 😉 If you ever change your mind about coming back on, you have my e-mail, so just shoot me a letter. Thanks again for everything! :mrgreen:

      • Okay I promise to send you and email if i come back on playing. Maybe after winter… Exams and tests and stuff i have to revise for and my ds is sitting on the couch calling my name. I go over and play it sometimes thinking only for 10 or 15 minutes and then I look at the time, I’ve been play ing it for 1 HOUR! I’m really suprised and shocked so that’s why I’m giving it up. Sorry, Candy xx

        • Ok! Sounds good 😉 Good luck on all of your exams! 😀

    • Aww Candy, what a pity… 😦 But school comes first, of course, but I still hope that you’ll find some spare time to play with us again! Thanks for being such a good friend to me, I really enjoyed our game plays and you’re such a wonderful kind and awesome girl! 😀

  5. Julie, you have an account!?!?
    Tell me ur username so i can add you to my buddy list.
    Mine is fanofacww (:

    • Hm? You talkin’ to me? Well here: BunnyPrincess12 😉

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