Posted by: Mayu | October 23, 2009

Bomb Squad and Julie from Elegans

It was a funny evening again with:

Jane from BomberLu and…

Alfie from Toast! 😀

We were playing a game called Bomb Squad, Alfie came with this idea to bury a timer which has been set to 10 min. before and we others had to find it and switch it off before the countdown is down to 0, otherwise….

Well the timer was stopped instantely when another visitor came to my town, phew xD!! It’s Julie from Elegans, you know her as Posie from Posyfarm before ^^. It’s great to meet you finally with Miki Julie 😀 I hope you’ll get more friends in your age now 😉

But back to the Bomb Squad game :mrgreen: , oh, I can see a crack on the ground, yay!

ARGGGHHH it was only a fossil!! 👿 EEEK help, it’s almost 0!!! I don’t want to have Mitsukyo destroyed!!! 😯 But luckily Jane found the bomb xP.
Well then it was her turn to hide the timer bomb and that time we couldn’t find it at all, she has hidden it very well 😉

After that Jane had to go, thanks for visiting me Jane, it was great fun! 😀

After that we wanted to go to Julie’s new town Elegans and here Julie is fetching some apples.

See you soon there Julie! 😀 And you look really great in this Biker-outfit, I especially liked the perfect selfdesigned shirt for the helmet, it’s awesome! 😉


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