Posted by: Mayu | October 22, 2009

Crazyness with Alfie, Jane and Shania♥

An evil witch was today in my town, her name is Jane, eeeeeek! Look at her eyes, she was planning something bad… 😯

Ahhhhh an axe!!! Luckily my guardian Alfie helped me! :mrgreen:

Jane followed me to my house but there was already Shania♥ willing to protect me with all she had, in this case a shovel!! 🙂

*mumble mumble* But nooooo, she was able to give me spell, aaaah!!

I… have… to…. whack Alfie and Shania♥ 👿 😈

LOL that was just a random story about the fun we had this evening! xD
After that we went to Alfies town Toast to explore it, because Jane and Shania♥ didn’t know Alfie and his town yet 😉

Here we are! Toast!!

Alfie invited us to fire some sparklers and roman candles. Oooooooops, I’m sorry Alfie that I burned your back xP. 😆

But he’s a tough boy and doesn’t complain at all and so we all had much fun with it 😀

That’s his lovely main room in his house, the dandelion puffs are really pretty ^^

Alfie and me were messing around on Tiffany’s bed 😆 Sorry, Shania♥ the pics I made with you while headbumping were all too blurred to show 😦

HAHAHA, I laughed a lot about Dizzy’s catchphrase “snarfle”!! :mrgreen:
That’s perfect for him!! xD

That’s my tree!! – No, that’s mine!!! Shake, shake, shake it baby!!

Shania♥ and me were visiting Joey and his cute chick in the pool.

Tee hee, this is a pic in Shania’s town Essex, there something stranged happened. Alfie didn’t let us out and we both stuck together there xD.

And we were still combined together, although Alfie was already standing aside of us, that was so weird 😆

Well, I had a lot of fun tonight, until next time ~♪



  1. That night was very fun!

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