Posted by: Mayu | October 21, 2009

Graves in BomberLu

Tonight I was invited to come to Jane’s town BomberLu and I was happy about that we finally met up again, because I missed her several times in the last few days 😉

Awww first I felt like home here, the same blue gate, my patterns on the ground and flowers around the pond, but that was just an first impression, because BomberLu has got a variety of cool patterns everywhere 😀

Hi Jane, it’s good to see you again! ^^ Tee hee, somehow I like these autumn-colours of the ground and trees 🙂

Yay, how cool is that! A 3D-flowerbed-border, that’s awesome!

Rosalie came for a visit, still tanned as she has summer in her town…

… but as soon as she entered autumn season here in BomberLu the tan vanished!! Aww, what a pity! 😦 But hey, you look like me now!!! xD

Oh Zoe was also there for a few minutes, she was just changing clothes on the left side 😉

Jane decorated her town for Halloween, haha these graves are really good! 😆

Also some cute pumpkins you can found in BomberLu ^^

And this pretty fence, I hope it isn’t a bone fence?? oO

Oh how nice, a purple roof, that’s quite uncommon ^^

And I saw many interesting things in her house, this is her mainroom.

I took place in the mushroom-room xD

Hahaha, Rosalie, you look awesome!! 😆

Aww isn’t Chow’s dress really cute? :mrgreen: I start to like Chow very much, tee hee!

Then we decided to head over to Rosalie’s town forks, thanks for the invitation Jane 😀



  1. Thanks for coming i had loads of fun!
    and its supposed to be something like a sharp fence. ;D

    • Ahh I see, how cool! 😀

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