Posted by: Mayu | October 21, 2009

Crazy pattern house & 3 Mikis and one Alfie

Oh it has been also a while when I visited Rosalie’s town forks.
And I saw many new things here:

The huge twilight pattern on the ground is spectacular! 😮 The girl on the left side is Jane 😉

How nice, Rosalie also has a lot of breeding areas, these flowerbed borders are golden! 8) Rosalie were giving us tips to find her, as she has hidden herself after we entered the town ^^ Ok let’s see, “walk up until the yellow rose…”

“go to the tree right of it”

“Get an axe out and chop that tree” 😮

Tadaaa! “There I am!” LOL That was so cute Rosalie XD, it was really fun 😛

Her house was really interesting!! 😀 Look at all these crazy patterns here! And everwhere fish!! 🙂 (she wasn’t finished with decorating her house but I liked it that way lol)

Just one item in this room xD, well hardly to be seen but I think it’s funny :mrgreen:

Hahaha, isn’t this chaos really awesome?? So colourful ^^

Ohh isn’t this a fan art of Bella Lamb? 😮

Tee hee, Jane also changed her hair into Miki’s pigtails xD. Now let’s head over to my town to confuse the next visitor :3

There we are all, I hope you can still distinguish us? 😆

Ahh our victim came, it’s Alfie from Toast! 😈 Yaaay! 😀

But huh, as soon as he entered my town, he fell asleep, LOL! xP

😯 , oh myy, Rosalie, your head looks sooo heavy when you do a flip with that afro wig, haha!

I washed Rosalie’s brain in my TV room 😈

Tee hee, Alfie just mixed me once up when Jane was in Nookingtons because she had still her sunglasses on. We had a lot of fun together, sorry that I haven’t got more pics about it 😉
See ya~♫



  1. Cool! Rose’s Twilight themed town is amazing! I’m currently reading the Twilight saga, and I know Rosalie is one of the vampires, but what did you call your other characters Rose? Btw, I like the way you named your town Forks where the story’s set, it’s really clever 😀

    • awww ty thea

  2. Lol that gold designs mine haha also thea want to wi-fi sometime, acww or cf? I read your blog, it rocks ^^

    • @Rose: My pleasure Rose, it is tuly amazing! 🙂

      @Candy: I’d love too, but I won’t be able to until December when I get a new wii 🙄 😦 (and I can’t wifi on DS because my wifi isn’t compatible or something 😐

      But I’ll let you know when I can wifi on CF 😀

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