Posted by: Mayu | October 20, 2009

Ummm, I’m not whacking her!

Hooray, I’ve met Meow again this evening ^^

Hii Meow, nice to see you in Mitsukyo again, I missed you since your last visit two weeks ago 😉

We visited all neighbours as usual and chit-chatted a lot and after we’re done we decided to sneak into the other open towns to have a party there :mrgreen:

So, who’s first on the town list? It’s Jenn from Bethany!! 😀

Of course(!!) we and especially Meow don’t whack sleeping people!! :mrgreen: 😆

Aww I think this carpet and wallpaper looks also amazing together with the green furniture 😀

And what a lovely garden~♥ ! Haaa, it’s so nice to have a nap and relax… but I feel like I’m being watched… 😉

Have you ever noticed that the clothes on the pole are swinging softly in the air…?? The air? What air?? xD

Ha ha!! Grumpy male neighbours are always funny, they LOVE pink shirts or bikinis or girls stuff!! 😆

And hooray!! Finally Jenn got her most desired Rosie in her town. She always admired Meow’s Rosie and wanted to kidnap her all the time, now she has her own one, awww! 😀

And Nicola from Peekaboo came for a visit! Woot! Soon we decided to visit the other open towns, too and I saw Nicola and Meow already in Steph’s town, but….

…I had Wifi connection problems all the time, ARGH!!! 👿 Stupid Copper alwas said to me that “to an unknown reason you can’t visit this town now” and this happened also when I tried to get into Debi’s town! 😥
Sorry about that Meow and Nicola, I hope you haven’t waited too long for me 😉



  1. I found the secret pic by accident. xD


  3. Put your mouse over the third picture… 😆

  4. hiii

  5. haha lol that secret pic is funny now you can’t blame meow, Mayu!

    • She was also whacking 😆 , you can see two golden nets there xP

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