Posted by: Mayu | October 20, 2009

Fun with Crystal♥ from C.C.Town

Yay, I was able to play with Haru again ^^, because I’ve added a new friend to my roster:

This is Crystal♥ from C.C.Town, you may know her as lala on my blog 😉

She liked my treasure chest in my house, I gave it later as a present and she was very glad about it 😉

Wow, you’ve got great talent, Crystal♥ 😀

We looked at Nookingtons if there are any good furniture, but haven’t found any…

But Crystal♥ needed the tree saplings there ^^

Visiting my Boone…(yuck) at least he has got an interesting room xP

And while I was enjoying my pool on the dry side, Crystal♥ had a cold bath in the water, brrrrrrrrr!!! xP

Here we are in C.C.Town, that stands for Cherry Cake Town ^^. Her cherry flag is soo cute :3

What a gorgeous street you’ve got! 😮

And look at this cute pool behind her house, the water is looking so good!!! I felt the desire to jump into this pool from the diving board…. but it’s still too cold now 😛 😆

Yaaay, what a peppy trendy room!!! Crystal♥ was preparing this room for a party and it looks awesome!! 😀

And she also was succesful during the acorn festival and got all mush furniture. Well done! But what is that?

Ahhh look at this bottle ship!! 😯 It’s falling down the edge soon!!! 😯

Tee hee, bumping heads is SO much FUN!! :mrgreen:

And when I was at her Ables I found this adorable sailor shirt!! 😮 ~♥
Crystal, I would really appreciate when you can bring me that pattern next time to my town, unfortunately Haru’s pattern places are all reserved by my town patterns ^^;

Haha Rod was very funny, his catchphrase is: “Hey,duu… Topf!!” that means “Hey, youu… pot!!” 😆 What a random phrase xP

And Crystal♥ also had wonderful breeding areas, the patterns look familiar to me, was it from Zelda? Or Harvest moon?

In the end we had a nice netfight including chasing and Hide&Seek, it was very fun!! xD Ouch! Here she just got me with her net!! 😛

Thanks a lot for the great afternoon Crystal♥ it would be nice to meet you up very soon again! ^^



  1. toll super geschrieben ^^

  2. es hat wirklich viel Spaß gemacht ! Hoffe wir wiederholen das bald 🙂

  3. das mit den Beeten macht tatsächlich Spaß XD

  4. du meinst Bette oder?…. Du Topf ^^ witzig

    • 😆

  5. Your pictures are all so clear and colourful. They’re always nice to look at ^_^
    The room Crystal prepared has such a cool floor! Is that her pattern?

  6. Mayu, the pink tulips and the purple tulips look really pretty together, great job! I also love Crystal’s cool floor, did she design it herself?

  7. Hullo kenzie wanna wifi?

  8. To Teru and kenzie: yes that cool pattern in Candy’s house is selfdesigned by her 😀

  9. Wow she has a great eye for colour! And it feels like a disco floor with moving coloured lights :mrgreen:

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