Posted by: Mayu | October 19, 2009

Yay, I’m back to the daily grind ^^

Ahh, I love my calm mornings when everyone is to school and work again 😆 :mrgreen:. Not that I can do my housework quicker when I’m alone but also I can also spend time again for my beloved hobby ACWW 😛 .
So while I was updating my blog I opened with Yuki, just in case when someone wanted to stop by 😉

And Nicola from Peekaboo came for a visit! Woot! 😀

We visited my neighbours and when I brought Genji a shirt, he gave me this huge shades in return, haha how nice xD

After a while Nicola invited me to come to her town. Yay, I love your colourful patterns Nicola 🙂

LOL, Chow looks great with his Hello Kitty shirt xP. And he thought that I’m a villager from Peekaboo… 🙄

Isn’t his pink pompom-tail cute? x3 😆

And Meow is also back to the Wifi world!! 😀 Hooray!

Long time no see, Meow ^^

The rainbow bridge is sooo beautiful!! But where’s the pot of gold?? xP

Muhihihihi, Apollo’s Hello Kitty shirt looks like it’s almost bursting :mrgreen: , Kitty itself doesn’t look very happy either 😉

OOOPS?? 😯 Sorry Meow and Apollo, I didn’t know that I’m disturbing you. Ok ok no problem, I’ll leave you two alone 😛

Thanks for the fun, Nicola and Meow!! 🙂



  1. I love this blog sooo much… hope 2 have many more visits with Yuki! x x x

    • Awww thanks Nicola for your visit and your nice comment 😉
      Hope to see you soon again! 😀

  2. Y is Appollo a girl? Pink bubble! lol

    • Lol must have been a cheated one xDD

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