Posted by: Mayu | October 19, 2009

Flowerbeds for Altwood

My evening started with Julie, Shania♥ and Zoe (from left to right) in my town ^^ Oh no, we can only see Shania’s back…

Tadaa, now you can see her too :mrgreen:

Well we didn’t stay long in my town because Zoe asked to come to her town as she wanted to make some flowerbeds to breed hybrids ^^.

Here we are in Altwood, Julie was already there 🙂

This is one of Zoe’s flower beds and I like these flower pattern ^^. It’s really awesome Zoe!!! 😈

I borrowed Zoe my golden axe and together with Shania we made a group of lumberwomen lol. Zoe was chopping them down and Shania and I were the stump digger and hole filler :mrgreen:

Timbeeeeeer!!!! This area is going to be a new flower bed.

Digger #1 where are you? The stump is waiting lol xD

There she is!! Well done Shania 😉 It was really fun to help Zoe and we also chit-chatted a lot during this.
Later on I was offline and I promised to help Shania too with her town, but when I wanted to get into her town, Copper always gave me error codes like this:

*sigh* After 2 or 3 times he said that the town’s gates are closed and when I’ve been waiting for around 5 minutes after that I decided to go to Candy’s town Cutiepop instead 😉

To be continued in the next post lol



  1. Hiya sorry u couldnt come my wifi dropped 😦 But
    is not back up 🙂 hope to c u today x

  2. I love the picture of me and you, haha! 😀 By the way, I never saw the comment on the private one, but don’t worry if it was nothing 😉
    Also, I won’t be on for the next few days (going over to my cousins house ~ should be home Saturday or Sunday) So, I won’t see anyone for a while. 😦 But, I thought I’d let you know. 😉

    Have fun with Yuki tonight!! 🙂

    • Oopsies, I just found the comment 😳 😳 😳

      Hehe, sorry about that! 😆

      • ah ok xD

    • Thanks Julie ^^
      btw your private comment was in the “Your FC’s” section, look one or two pages behind the actual site, I think there you should find it 😉

      • Yep, I got it 😀 Thanks! ❤

  3. what comment?????

    • a PRIVATE comment 😆 the others can’t see it, just me!! :mrgreen: 😛

  4. Yeah, what comment?

  5. hi again 🙂

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